Local Charities and Donation Pick Up for The Benefit of Veterans and Homeless

Charitable donations are always a nice option, especially when you have a bunch of clothes or other items to remove from your house. It could be a need to empty out the closets or to get rid of some of the unused items and small appliances before moving to your new home. Either way, donating these items to those in need can be much better, and more environmentally friendly, than simply throwing them away.

Charity Donation Pick Up

Charity donation pick up is available all across the United States, with about 70% of the population offering to those in need. Most of these charities work for the benefit of veterans and the homeless, providing free and affordable options for clothing and other items. Many charities come right to your front door to pick up clothing and other donations, providing benefits for both those who donate and those in need.

With the average American purchasing one new item of clothing per week, these needs become extremely expensive. One of the greatest times this is needed is during youth and the fastest growth period. Children need new clothes so often that they rarely wear them out completely, and other families often need new children’s clothes that they can’t afford. If you find that there are any items of clothing in your home that don’t fit or are never worn, then it may be time to pass them on. There is no reason to wait for a large donation in order to schedule a pickup. Even one small bag or box is a great benefit to one of these charities.

Used Clothing Donations for Veterans

Americans donate over 4.5 billion tons of clothing annually, while there are still well over 10 million tons of clothing disposed into landfills each year. This leaves so much more that could be donated to help veterans and their families and the homeless as well. More than a humane effort, this would also be environmentally helpful. The cloth could also be used to re-manufacture other items, and the clothing could simply be re-distributed or sold affordably and much more for those in need.

Charities that Collect Donations for Veterans and The Homeless

There is much to see in donations made to nonprofits and charities. So many different charities are available to pick up clothing, or to accept clothing drop offs, for those in need. While 4.7 billion tons of clothing are donated to these charities annually, we also throw away about 10 million tons. With all of these charities available, there could be so much more clothing saved every year by organizations such as:

  • The American Red Cross
  • Purple Heart Foundation
  • Vietnam Veterans of America
  • Goodwill
  • United Way
  • St. Vincent De Paul

So many charity organizations work for the benefit of Americans in need, that there is no reason to wait to schedule a donation pick up. Many groups will pick up outside your door, even while you are at work, and leave the collection receipt in your mailbox. Clothing donations work for so many Americans in need, there is much to gain from providing these donations, whether they are charity donation pick ups of drop offs. At least a small portion of the American income is invested in The American Red Cross and other charities working toward the security of families in need, providing donations for both the veterans and homeless nationwide.

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