Six Charitable Organizations That Offer Pickup Services

Whether they’re donating household items, clothing, money, appliances or other items, Americans aren’t shy about giving to charity. In 2014 alone, it was estimated that Americans gave more than $350 billion to charity. What’s more, it’s estimated that more than 95% of Americans participate in some form of charitable giving.

There are plenty of good reasons to donate to charity and plenty of reputable organizations to donate to. Groups like U.S. veterans and the homeless are greatly appreciate donations and ultimately the items you donate end up in the hands of people who need them rather than ending up in a landfill or cluttered in your home.

If you’re going to make a charitable donations, a good way to do so is through a charity with a donation pick up. There are many organizations that have a regular charity pick up and accept all manner of items. Here’s a look at six popular charities that do a donation pick up:

  • GreenDrop: This program has been selected by various charities like the Red Cross and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia to raise money through donations. Donations made through GreenDrop are typically made to thrift stores and the organization accepts all manner of donations. Though this is primarily an East Coast program, GreenDrop also offers a free service that helps you sort and donate household items and large amounts of clothing. Once the items are OKed for donation, drivers will pack up and remove the items.
  • Salvation Army: It’s estimated the Salvation Army assists almost 25 million people annually and one of the ways it does this is through donation pick up. You can (in most cases) visit the company Web site to schedule pickups and there are also phone numbers listed that you can call to arrange pickups.
  • Goodwill: Most Goodwill locations around the United States off donation pick up, especially for heavier items that aren’t easily transported. Once your items are donated, Goodwill sells them in its stores and uses the money for training and for job placement. In addition to general household items and clothes, some Goodwill facilities also accept cars, trucks, lawn mowers, RVs, campers and boats, so you can easily unload some larger items you no longer have a use for.
  • Habitat for Humanity: This organization takes donations and sells them at various ReStores around the country, which offer furniture appliances and building materials among other things. Proceeds from store sales go toward the building and repair of homes the organization builds. Like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity also accepts larger items like cars, trucks, boats and snowmobiles. Donation pickup through the organization is usually offered once a week and appointments for pickup can be scheduled.
  • Furniture Bank: This organization is available in 34 states and offers folks a wide variety of furniture. Donations to this organization help immigrants, the poor, the unemployed, battered women and children and a whole host of others, offering them a chance to get basic furnishings for their living spaces. The organization also accepts donations of vehicles and offers free donation pick up as well as towing.
  • Pick Up Please: This organization works with the military charity Vietnam Veterans of America and sells a variety of goods. A user-friendly online calendar allows those who donate to easier schedule a donation pick up time and donations are usually picked up with a day or so. One bonus is that donations here don’t require you to be home when a pickup crew arrives. Labeling your boxes “VVA Donation Pickup” allows drivers to pick up your items, even if you aren’t home. Twelve states currently offer this service including Michigan, New York and California.

There are numerous ways you can make charitable donations to military charities, veterans charities and other organizations that help those in need. You never know just how much your monetary donations, clothing donations and donation of household items mean to the less fortunate and by donating you’re being a Good Samaritan, who’s doing a good thing and taking time to help their fellow man.

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