What Everyone Should Know About Clothing Donations

In today’s day and age, a shortage of clothing is not something that the average person deals with. In fact, the average adult of today is actually likely to have more clothes than ever before – up to double what someone just 20 years in the past would have had. In fact, the average adult American woman today now has upwards of 30 total outfits hanging in her closet. Just 90 years ago, a woman living in the United States would have only had an average of about nine total outfits – and many women had far less than that, especially during that time period.

Getting rid of some of your clothing, therefore, is likely to be something that is hugely beneficial indeed. After all, many of our homes have become quite cluttered and taking the time to sort them out can only benefit us in the long run. For many people, getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit, isn’t in style (and isn’t a classic piece), or simply hasn’t been worn for a significant period of time is a great way to ensure that their closets stay organized – and highly utilized, with nothing going to waste. Of course, finding out how to properly dispose of that clothing is hugely important indeed.

Ideally, you’ll get rid of your old and unwanted clothing in the form of clothing donations. Clothing donations are widely popular, especially when you consider that more than 95% of the American population gives back to charity in some way or another over the course of the year. As it is free to do, clothing donations are a great way to do so. And clothing donations can go a long way, as clothing donations can help many people, from families in need to veterans to even people in developing countries.

But we must also, of course, discuss how clothing donations can benefit our environment as well. Unfortunately, far too many textile goods are simply just thrown in the trash, where they will eventually become a part of one of the many landfills dotting the United States. As a matter of fact, the data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs this up, as it shows that more than 80 pounds of textile waste is created per person each year, amount to more than ten and a half million tons of it in this same span of time. Unfortunately, only around 15% of all clothing is recycled in the form of clothing donations and the like, leaving the rest to go to a landfill and molder there for years and years and years.

Fortunately, there is hope and the news isn’t all so bleak. For one thing, some clothing donations are better than none and already up to four and half billion pounds of used clothing donations are spared from the landfills on a yearly basis. And donating your used clothing is easier than ever before, thanks to readily available clothing donation locations found all throughout the country. As a matter of fact, there are likely a number of clothing donation locations near you as we speak, as clothing donation locations have begun to spring up truly all over the place.

And to make matters even better, these clothing donation locations are quite easy to utilize, as clothing donation locations simply require you to drop off your clothing and be on your way. Clothing donation locations don’t cost any kind of money to utilize. Therefore, there is no excuse for simply throwing your clothes away instead of dropping them off at one of the clothing donation locations found all around. At the end of the day, driving five minutes out of your way to find one of these clothing donation locations and making charitable clothing donations to veterans charities or other charities is inherently a small thing to do, but is something that can add up to be quite significant indeed, to say the very least. Ultimately, we all need to be doing what we can to save the world, even if what we can manage is quite small in the grand scheme of things.

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