Donate your old household items to those in need

The holidays are right around the corner and most of us are expecting to receive lots of gifts from friends and family. As the gifts pile up and add to our already large pile of items we own its a good time to start thinking about doing a purge of every room in the house. There are many children in need clothing spots for donation. How do we start such a thing and know which things should be donated here are some donation guidelines.

When working on purging the kitchen you should think about how often you use the items you own. If you have a cupboard full of mugs and cups that you hardly ever use it may be time to purge some. No family needs to have 30 mugs when they only use four or five. If your children are all older now it might be best to get rid of the plastic cups they no longer need. Keep one or two around for when you have guests but that’s all you really need. When it comes to tupperware containers think about the last time you used them and go from there. If you haven’t used some of your containers in over 6 months it may be time to pass them on to a new home. This goes for most things in your kitchen, if you haven’t used those strange gadgets in your drawer in six months to a year it is time to let them go. These charity donations can make a world of difference for people in need.

Your kids rooms can have so many different things to go through, the easiest one would be toys. If your child has not played with a certain toy for months at a time or has grown apart from the niche it may be time to go. Kids change fads within weeks so it is best to buy toys you know they will enjoy for a long time. Try to avoid characters or fads that seem to come and go quickly and you should be OK. Clothing is quite easy as well because kids grow like weeds, so everything that no longer fits can be donated. This is another area where characters and fads come into play as well if your child is no longer a fan of that style it is time to donate it. Donate clothing to give it a new life and help children in need clothing.

Purging your living room is not quite as simple because you will need to make some hard decisions based on what you use and don’t. With all the new technology they have these days you may be thinking of getting rid of some of your old VHS or DVDs you don’t watch or can’t watch because they are becoming obsolete. TV stands are one of the easiest things to donate because they are large and don’t suit your style of TV anymore. You can now get mounts to put your TV right up on the wall making a stand useless. If your thinking about getting rid of furniture think about the functionality of the room without it or whether you are going to upgrade.

Around $5.8 billion in clothing donations were made to charities in the United States in 2007. There are many organizations that pick up donations to make it easier for you. There are many children in need clothing or families in need of furniture which is why there is such a need for these wonderful places that take donations for non profit organizations.

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