Day: December 18, 2018

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Henrik Vibskov and Other Designer Clothing Available Online

The worldwide fashion industry is one of the largest worldwide, with the e-commerce revenue already being over $418 billion annually. Additionally, the growth of this industry is expected to reach almost $713 billion by 2022. With that amount of increase in only four years, there is much more to expect in the future. Designer Clothes […]

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Officially licensed jack daniels merchandise
Vintage beer shirts for sale

Giving The Gift Of Booze Here In The United States

From fleece blankets to gifts for women to even the flamingo beer pong, there are many different ways in which gift giving can get creative this holiday season. In fact, fleece blankets can often fall under the category of both fleece blankets themselves as well as representing a love for a certain brand of beer […]

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Chin clothing
Ethical responsibility
Henrik vibskov sale

Self Expression And Everything That Comes Along With Fashion Choices

Expressing yourself has never been as acceptable and applauded as it has come to be in the years that have just recently passed. Something that with how the world is shaping itself will continue with furry as the years tick by. This is not only limited to the things that we say and do but […]

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Military families

Donating Old Clothes

The textile industry in the modern age has become a global juggernaut, and every year, vast volumes of clothes are designed, manufactured, and purchased, with the United States representing an especially large market for clothes and accessories from shirts and pants to dresses, coats, and gloves, but unfortunately, many of these clothes end up becoming […]

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Custom wedding tote bags
Gift totes
Heavy duty canvas totes

Why We Should All Be Reusing Bags

There is no doubt about it that we need to take better care of our environment, this much is a fact. Our environment is struggling, to say the least, and if we don’t do something soon, it will likely die. However, there are many steps that the average person living a normal life here in […]

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Celebrity Hair Extensions Inspire Others to Get a New Look for Themselves

It was a customer hair dresser connection that is one for the books. More than 10 years ago your daughter was in a middle school Montessori classroom with several friends. One friend, in particular, was someone that your daughter enjoyed spending time with. Although the two girls had been at different elementary schools, their three […]

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Looking To Spread Holiday Cheer? Donate!

It’s that time of the year again! Festivities and holiday cheer are rampant through the U.S, with many of us preparing for Christmas with elaborate gifts and outings for family and friends. However, this holiday season also tells a tale of something more important than presents—narratives of the less fortunate. Many citizens rely on charitable […]

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