Giving The Gift Of Booze Here In The United States

From fleece blankets to gifts for women to even the flamingo beer pong, there are many different ways in which gift giving can get creative this holiday season. In fact, fleece blankets can often fall under the category of both fleece blankets themselves as well as representing a love for a certain brand of beer or the like. From fleece blankets to officially licensed PBR shirts, there are certainly many ways in which you can provide the beer lover in your family with a gift that they will enjoy for many years to come (after all, fleece blankets with beer logos and the like on them are fashionable as well as functional).

After all, the younger generation loves to drink, with nearly three quarters of all members of the millennial generation saying that they consume alcohol on a regular basis. There are many different kinds of alcohol out there as well, from red wine to white wine to beers and ciders. Hard liquor is of course also popular, though will likely be drunk at fewer casual situations in comparison to the other types of booze that is readily available to people here in the United States (as long as, of course, they are over the legal drinking age of 21).

With a typical serving for a glass of red wine at only about five ounces, it’s common for many people to enjoy a glass of it in the evenings or with their dinners. Even doing so on a nightly basis is not out of the ordinary – and there have even been some health benefits that have been linked with enjoying red wine in moderation. The same holds true for beer, as it is a relatively light and non intoxicating thing to drink with meals and even just after a long day of work. Many people have come to greatly enjoy craft beers and curling up with fleece blankets and a glass of wine or a specialty bottle of beer can be a great way to treat yourself at the end of the day.

But hard liquor is still quite prominent in our society, though it is primarily used for bigger events and celebrations. Weddings, for instance, are likely to have hard liquor available for mixed drinks and even shots and the like, though this hard liquor won’t always be free even if other alcoholic beverages have been provided free of charge to all of the wedding guests. Getting a mixed drink is also quite common when going out with friends for a night, especially if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, so to speak.

Drinking a lot of alcohol is common at various holidays as well. Women, for instance, say that they tend to drink the most alcohol on New Year’s Eve, while men report differently, saying that their biggest day and night of alcohol consumption falls on St. Patrick’s Day, whether they are Irish or not. And various drinks will be popular on these holidays as, for instance, champagne is particularly popular on New Year’s Eve among many people all throughout this country.

On Halloween, however, beer is the most popularly consumed drink, though it must be noted, of course, that beer comes in many different varieties and is certainly not all one in the same. But though beer is popular for this night, so too is tequila and vodka, much stronger types of alcohol that can pack a hefty punch if the person consuming them is not careful. But in the spirit of celebration, safe and responsible consumption is certainly possible.

This is most definitely true whenever any alcohol is consumed, no matter what the occasion. Binge drinking – which, for men, involves drinking five drinks over the course of two hours and for women involves consuming four drinks over that very same span of time – can prove incredibly dangerous. Not only can it lead to alcohol poisoning, but to questionable decision making as well. Fortunately, being mindful of alcohol consumption can prevent this almost entirely.

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