Americans Love To Drink Here Are Five Splashy Beer And Wine Gift Ideas For The 2018 Holiday Season

The holidays are creeping up on you. You’re starting to stress out on good presents to buy for friends and family, which doesn’t even cover co-workers, acquaintances, and that crush you’ve had for the past few months.

What are some gifts that straddle that line between practical and fun? If you know any drinkers in your life — or you are the resident heavyweight champion — then rest easy. Officially licensed Corona merchandise, Budweiser accessories, and some good, old-fashioned beer are great gift ideas. Winter is a time to celebrate and kick back with some good company. Doing so with a drink in hand is so standard as to slide right under the radar.

Here’s a solid reminder in a quick read list. Try out these gift ideas on for size next time you’re feeling the pressure.

Tons Of People Love Drinking…So Why Not A Drink?

Sometimes the simplest answer is right in front of your own nose. If you got someone special (or two) in your life that likes to drink, give them a six-pack that’ll really make their heart sing. A recent study analyzing drinking habits in the United States found nearly 75% of Millennials actively drink liquor, beer, or wine. Additionally, 65% of people aged 55 or older consider themselves drinkers. Seasonal beer, such as pumpkin spice or hard cider, pair wonderfully with the cold weather.

Know A Party Animal? It’s Time For Beer Pong!

Let’s take things a step further. Drinking is one thing, but partying is an art form. A survey by found the majority of American male respondents stating St. Patrick’s Day to be the booziest holiday. Even then, beer remains the number one consumed alcoholic drink on Halloween, followed closely by tequila and vodka. Beer pong tutorial posters can be tucked in alongside a six-pack of beer and some officially licensed Corona merchandise.

Fashion Never Sleeps…Beer Fashion Even Less So!

Just because a person drinks a lot doesn’t mean they can’t be cute! A survey of 1,000 Americans conducted by saw nearly 45% of women claiming New Year’s Eve as the holiday most associated with alcohol. Americans consume four or five drinks on average during Mardi Gras, to boot. While your friend or family member is getting buzzed consider getting them a Budweiser trucker hat or some board shorts. There’s nothing like a good look to bring out your best.

How About Some Stocking Stuffers Next Time You’re Feeling Generous?

Perhaps you’ve already bought a gift and just want to know what else you can supplement it with. Officially licensed Corona merchandise, ranging from beer belt holsters to bathing suits, can be tucked in to add a little extra pop to your seasonal gift excursion. While beer related gifts can come in the form of branded beer t-shirts for women, wine gifts can come in the form of ribbons and cards. Get creative and stay true to your alcohol-loving self!

A Well-Rounded Package Will Go A Long Way This Winter Season!

When in doubt…just get a little bit of everything. The holiday season is a tough one for many, particularly during an already tough year, and a well-rounded gift can cover fashion, partying, and decorations. You can grab a beer keg for the regular drinker, adding alongside it Coors retro hats or a shirt. For those that can’t get enough of Corona, officially licensed Corona merchandise with a six-pack should do the trick. As long as you put in a little thought, you can be rest assured the end of the year will turn out fine.

You’ve still got time to turn this around. What could some fun beer gifts do to really show someone how much you care?

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