Day: December 16, 2018

Detailed eyebrow microshading
Microblading course
Microblading products

Why Microblading Classes Can Help Your Beauty Business

Did you know that each one of your eyebrows contains about 250 hairs? But even though the hairs you have on your head hang around for about 3-7 years, your eyebrow hairs recycle faster and last just about four months. If you’re blonde, you have even more hair on your head than brunettes, red heads, […]

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Polarized sunglasses for boating
Polarized sunglasses for sports
Wrap around sunglasses

Choosing Quality Sunglasses to Wear While Golfing

Eye protection has been around longer than you might think. Historians estimate that people have worn eyewear to block out the sun for almost 2,000 years. Fortunately, sunglasses have come a long way since this time. Considering that, sunglasses are popular items to wear while playing sports outdoors. With that in mind, one of the […]

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