Why Microblading Classes Can Help Your Beauty Business

Did you know that each one of your eyebrows contains about 250 hairs? But even though the hairs you have on your head hang around for about 3-7 years, your eyebrow hairs recycle faster and last just about four months. If you’re blonde, you have even more hair on your head than brunettes, red heads, and those with black hair. So, it would make sense that blonde probably have more hair in their eyebrows. But because of the light hair color, they sometimes need a little extra help in making their brows stand out. Even those with darker brows require some help if their brows are too thin from over-plucking or just genetics. With all of that said, the need for microblading classes has never been higher. Microblading training is something every aesthetician and beauty enthusiast should go through to add to their beauty offering and repertoire.

What is Microblading?

Microblading eyebrows in a technique where a small handheld tool is used to add pigments and shading to the eyebrows to enhance their appearance. Instead of a traditional tattoo machine or tatoo needle, the microblading equipment contains several small, tiny blades to for a specific kind of microblading shading.

Who can do Microblading?

Not everyone can do this technique though with just the machine. Nail technicians, beauty shop owners, beauty spa owners, and others need microblading eyebrows training in order to be able to offer professional microblading in their shops. When you go through the classes, you learn about other things like where to get professional-grade equipment and some of the various state rules for being able to do this skin enhancement procedure.

You can even get microblading kits with everything you need to get started on your own. You’ll also learn exactly how to properly do microblading with total confidence that you will get the perfect curve, arch, and color for your client. Understanding color theory is a huge component of microblading classes and ensure you get it right every time.

Receiving ongoing training in the latest and most popular beauty techniques is critical for being able to operate your business. Microblading is popular because a lot of people are confident in how they want their brows to look and it’s not an area that changes too much fashion-wise over time. Once you find the best eyebrow shape for your face, you tend to stick with it. So it’s an area where people feel confident making a more permanent or semi-permanent change. Microblading offers this.

Imagine not having to use eyebrow brushes, stencils, and concealers to get the right eyebrow shape every day. Instead, your clients can focus on the other areas of their face while just getting up and going with their microbladed eyebrows. It’s the perfect service to offer your clients for time-saving and optimal beauty. Sign up for microblading classes and get on the training schedule today.

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