Get Those Items You Don’t Wear Out Of Your Closet Today

Do you have a plethora of clothes in your closet that you don’t wear anymore and don’t know what to do with? Do you find yourself opening your closet day after day and wondering why there’s no space left even though you wear the same things over and over again? Perhaps this means that it is time to go through that closet of yours and start helping families in need with their own that might be lacking the items that you have and simply don’t use. Charitable donations are always needed and always very appreciated.

Clothing donations are often over looked and instead thrown away. Research has shown that 12 million tons of clothing has been thrown away every year within the United States. That is 12 million tons of clothing that could be helping families in need. Considering that there are many children in need of clothing donation items, if you were to go through your closet and instead of throwing those clothing items away where they will sit and decay for hundreds of years you could be part of the reason that so many of these children and families have warm clothing and clothing that actually fit them for the changing seasons.

Almost 96% of Americans participate in charitable giving, why not make that charity giving all year round when you find clothing in your closet that doesn’t fit or that you’re just plain tired of. Don’t make donating to charity just be something that is done around the holidays, instead be sure to put those items to good use at all times of the year so that they too can find a new life with people who could truly use the items.

Considered about how exactly to donate? Many organizations that accept clothing donations even pick up the donations! Making it as simple as boxing up your items and putting them outside of your door to be picked up after a simple phone call to the business. Donating your used clothing is not as difficult as you may think it is, there is no extra leg work by you required, no, it’s as simple as simply sorting through your clothes and picking up a phone to arraigned a pick up of your used clothing items.

Still not entirely sold on helping families in need? What if we also mentioned that it is also a tax break for you when you donate large quantities of clothing to those in need? Yes! So long as you keep your receipts when it comes to reporting your taxes you even get a break for all of the clothing you’ve gotten rid of to help others. Doesn’t that sound beneficial to all parties involved? A tax break for you and a new closet for those who could really need it. You’re helping many people and all you have to do is make room in your closet for more clothing to be placed into it! So that this whole process can take place again.

The next time you find yourself looking into a closet that is too full with items and you don’t know what to do with give a second thought to donating your items and helping families in need with the things that you don’t wear or use anymore. You will be helping people who could really use it and may not have had the warm items or even the cool items in the seasons of which they could really use them. Look out for others who may not have as much as you have, donate your used clothing today and set someone else on the right path. Your clothing is more than just a pretty shirt that you might have kind of liked at one point in time, it’s a warmth to someone, it’s that shirt that could get them the job interview they need to put food on the table, it is a new start for people who could really use it.

Go through your clothes and let someone benefit from the items you no longer want in there.

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