Month: February 2019

Clothes donations
Donations for non profit organizations
Used clothing pick up

Donating to a Local Charity

Clothing is one of the biggest industries in the entire world. Textiles are universal around the world, and everyone needs something to wear. Everyday clothes, work uniforms, and more are part of the textiles industry, and the United States in particular is an enormous consumer and producer of textiles. Everyday Americans own more clothes than […]

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Kids outdoor clothing
Mens flame resistant clothing
Outdoor clothing for kids

7 Tips and Tricks to Properly Maintain Fire Resistant Clothing

Wearing clothing that will not catch fire is very important in a lot of industries and for a number of activities. Fire resistant clothing has become a “must wear” for a lot of workers in the United States today. The problem now becomes, not getting people to wear the right gear but showing them how […]

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Best polarized lenses
Photochromic lenses
Unbreakable eyeglass frames

When to Buy or Repair Some Stylish Sunglasses

Personal accessories vary from jewelry like earrings and necklaces to wristwatches (which can be cheap or very expensive) all the way to gloves, scarves, and stylish sunglasses. In fact, stylish sunglasses or mirrored sunglasses are a staple among kids and adults alike, and ever since the 20th century, sunglasses, specially stylish sunglasses, have proven popular […]

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Sunless tans
Uv tanning

We Now Have So Many Different Options for a Beautiful Sunless Tan

So many options exist when it comes to choosing a sunless tan. Whether you would like a tanning bed, spray tan, or other, you have the ability to avoid over-exposure to UV rays. However, there are also many things to consider when you approach some of these tanning methods as well. A Sunless Tan You […]

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Authentic Sea Glass Ring
Natural sea glass
Sea glass bracelet

Do You Have an Upcoming Beach Vacation Planned?

You really do not need any physical trinkets from this vacation to remember the wonderful times that your family spent together on the islands of Greece, but the beach glass jewelry pieces are nice keepsakes. The plan for one of the biggest vacations of your life really started some 20 years ago when you and […]

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Sea glass watch
Sea glass watches
Types of sea glass anklets

How to Find and Buy Attractive Sea Glass Jewelry

Jewelry has always had a place in human society, and the oldest pieces of body decorations ever found such as necklaces predate even the written word. Some of the oldest known jewelry was found in a 10,00-year-old site, where beads made from Nassarius shells were found. Throughout history, jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bangles, and […]

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