Do You Have an Upcoming Beach Vacation Planned?

You really do not need any physical trinkets from this vacation to remember the wonderful times that your family spent together on the islands of Greece, but the beach glass jewelry pieces are nice keepsakes. The plan for one of the biggest vacations of your life really started some 20 years ago when you and your husband visited the island of Santorini on your 10 year anniversary. You knew that someday you would return. That first visit was part of a 10 day Mediterranean cruise, a trip when you left your only daughter with grandparents.

Fast forward 20 more years and you now have two daughters: one who is graduating from college this May and one who is graduating from high school. The fact that their respective graduations coincide with your 30 year anniversary made for an event too grand to ignore. Forgoing all Christmas and birthday gifts for the last 12 months, all four of your efforts have been focused on saving for this trip. While you have taken trips before where you have adhered to a strict travel budget, this was not the case for the trip to Greece. You have spent time looking for reasonably priced accommodations, but the goal was to have a place with a pool that was also near the ocean. Once that was achieved you started selectively choosing experiences the girls would enjoy. Top of the list: an oceanside photo shoot and a beach glass jewelry. The pictures and the sea glass pendant designs are the tangible items that you are taking away from the trip, but the memories of those 20 glorious days together will last a lifetime.

Authentic Sea Glass Charms Are a Perfect Travel Purchase

Whether you are looking for sea glass wedding jewelry ideas or you are simply looking for a way to have a visible memory of a family vacation, there are plenty of items that are available to you if you get to visit the islands of Greece, or any other ocean side vacation spot. While some families collect shells when low tide arrives, there are many more families who are enthralled with the task of finding different types of beach glass when they travel. Sea glass has existed since the making of glass was first introduced, before 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia, and these items can be found all over the world. In fact, the North American Sea Glass Association became a formal organization in 2017 and there are around 90 members today. And while there are many pieces of beach glass jewelry that feature blues and greens, there are other colors that are popular as well. For instance, found once in about 10,000 pieces, orange is the least common type of sea glass.

When you plan your next beach or oceanside vacation you will likely create memories that your family will treasure for years. You may also, however, purchase a treasured piece of locally crafted jewelry that will help jog those memories if they should ever begin to fade.

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