When to Buy or Repair Some Stylish Sunglasses

Personal accessories vary from jewelry like earrings and necklaces to wristwatches (which can be cheap or very expensive) all the way to gloves, scarves, and stylish sunglasses. In fact, stylish sunglasses or mirrored sunglasses are a staple among kids and adults alike, and ever since the 20th century, sunglasses, specially stylish sunglasses, have proven popular for all kinds of reasons. A person might wear stylish sunglasses or the best polarized lenses at a sunny day at the beach, or athletic sunglasses can be worn, well, during outdoor athletic events of all sorts. Today, the market for stylish sunglasses is going strong, and many brand names are out there to provide different pairs of shades for the eyes, whether simple and everyday models or more expensive sunglasses with extra features. With certain brand names, stylish sunglasses can even have accessories like radios or music players attached to them.

Sunglasses Through the Ages

For the past 2,000 years or so, people have found ways to block strong sunlight from their eyes with one method or another, and eye-wear has varied across the centuries. In 12th century China, in particular, prototype sunglasses were developed and worn, and these early sunglasses, while they did not have polarized lenses like today’s shades, could help dim sunlight striking a person’s eye, and these early sunglasses were popular for covering one’s identity during a court case or trials. Much later, in the 1930s, sunglasses as they are now known were developed. A Mr. Edwin H. Land used his expertise with Polaroid camera filters to experiment with eye lenses, and he developed polarized lenses in the modern sense, which could effectively reduce the amount of natural sunlight striking a person’s eyes, much more so than medieval Chinese models. At the time, these sunglasses were created in the aviator style, which are known for their reflective, mirrored lenses and their drooping frame. This is not an odd fashion choice, but a practical consideration. These frames are meant to allow a pilot to look down at his instrument panel while still shielding his eyes from the strong sunlight, but today, aviators are popular as fashion accessories as well as their original purpose.

Buy and Protect Sunglasses

Today, stylish sunglasses are popular accessories in the clothing market around the world, and in the United States in particular, sunglasses can be found in a dazzling variety in accessory or clothing stores and also online. E-commerce has become hugely popular in the last few years, the act of buying merchandise online, and this includes sunglasses. Such frames can be bought at brand-name retailer catalogs, or from department store catalogs, too. These sunglasses may vary widely in style, such a the shape and the color of the lenses, as well as the frame, which may be either plastic or metal and may also vary in shape. Some sunglasses are more cosmetic than others, and more cosmetic, stylish ones have reduced, but still effective, polarizing to block sunlight. General-purpose cosmetic sunglasses block 70% UVB, while general purpose shades will block 95% of UVB and most UVA light. And of course, special-purpose lenses are required to block 99% of UVB rays from the sun.

Sunglasses can also be repaired or replaced like regular eyeglasses, and sometimes, people may accidentally sit on them, drop them, or bend or twist them at strange angles and warp or break them. If this happens, a person can take them in to an eyeglasses shop and have a staff member fix them, if that is where the shades were bought. Other times, a customer may either replace damaged shades if they were cheaper models, or more expensive models can be sent to the manufacturer for repair, then sent back. Cracked or missing lenses can be fixed, or loose or missing nose pads or warped frames can all be addressed.

Sunglasses can be worn for style, such as in everyday life, and many celebrities have been seen wearing stylish shades. Or, they may be worn during fun outdoor activities like going to a sunny beach, or watching a sports game outdoors. Many athletes may also wear shades, such as for water sports or snow sports, where sun glare off these reflective surfaces can damage the eyes.

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