Month: April 2019

Military charities
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Benefit Military Families With Your Clothing Donations

People within the United States create a considerable amount of clothing and textile waste. According to recent research, this amounts to 12 million tons per year. Unfortunately, approximately 10.5 million tons of these textiles wind up in the country’s landfills. This situation could be remedied through recycling or otherwise repurposing these textiles. Recycling Rates for […]

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Charities for military families
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When to Donate Some Old Clothes to Charitable Causes

Around the world, the textiles industry is one of the largest there is, and this may not come as a surprise. Everyone needs clothing to wear every day, from casual articles of clothing and outfits to formal wear and military or work uniforms. Textiles include other fabrics as well such as table or bed linens. […]

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