Month: May 2016

Clothing donations
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Donations for non profit organizations

Three Reasons Why You Should Donate Clothes To Charity

The fact is that many of us have clothes that we neither want or need. In fact, an estimated 12 million Americans throw out unwanted clothes and textiles each year. It’s little wonder why. Clothes are often “impulse buys”. That is, we tend to buy them without thinking, especially if we imagine that what we’re […]

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Beauty salons
Indianapolis hair salons
Premiere beauty salons

How to Choose the Best Hairstyle to Compliment Your Lifestyle

Women either love or hate to change their hairstyle. A quarter of that time, the change is to “reinvent” themselves. For another third, a new hairstyle can be a way of trying to feel more confident or to help recover from a recent breakup or divorce. Then again, 44% of women who changed their hair […]

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Long lasting sparklers
Sparklers for a wedding
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Idea to Literally Make Your Wedding Sparkle

Everyone wants their special day to be one to be remembered , but it can be hard to break out of the constraints of time and a budget. Many brides and grooms to be wrack their heads for a unique idea for their weddings, but it often seems like there is none to be had. […]

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Renting specialty linen
Tablecloth and chair cover rentals
Wedding tablecloths

How to Keep the Peace Between Family While You are Planning Your Wedding

Weddings bring many opinions. Something as small as linens rental can be cause for all out family wars. Mother in law wants specialty linens but sister knows where to rent table linens for weddings that is much cheaper and economical but not as fancy. Mother in law decides that sister doesn’t have bride’s best interests […]

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Body piercing apprenticeship
Body piercing apprenticeship program
How to become a piercing apprentice

Get the Most Out of Your Body Piercing Apprenticeship

Body piercings are very popular. More than 83% of people in the United States have had their ears pierced. For other areas, women are very fond of having their navel pierced. Nearly 33% of women told survey takers they had had their navel pierced. The nose is the next most popular area with 19% of […]

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Leather handbags
Leather keychains
Leather messenger bag

8 Exciting Ways to Wear Leather Properly

Wearing leather can go two ways- very badly or very well. It’s really has to be done right. You can’t just throw anything together with leather. Small accessories like wallets and mens leather belts are the safest way to go. Leather keychains and off body wear are fine to, such as leather briefcases or purses. […]

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Waxing in glendale az

Learn the Benefits of a Microneedling Treatment

Removing the top layer of skin through exfoliation techniques can provide significant and immediate benefits. It can improve the texture of your skin by making it smoother, which also makes your skin look younger and fresher. Removing the top layer of dead skin will also allow you to get a closer shave, which is a […]

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