8 Exciting Ways to Wear Leather Properly

Leather belt

Wearing leather can go two ways- very badly or very well. It’s really has to be done right. You can’t just throw anything together with leather. Small accessories like wallets and mens leather belts are the safest way to go. Leather keychains and off body wear are fine to, such as leather briefcases or purses. But if you are going the route of clothing you have to be very careful about that. There are so many different ways that leather can be worn and it all just depends on how you feel about yourself. Leather can be slimming but it can also show off curves and shape so if you aren’t comfortable with that you may want to consider a different option for your next night out on the town. But, just in case you want to try it out, here are some fashion forward ways to wear leather that are a little more daring than the simple mens leather belts method.

  1. Leather and Lace
    Adding lace to a leather dress, skirt or shirt can make it much more feminine than the typical leather dress would normally be. Even just the smallest amount of lace can make a difference in breaking up the monotony and harshness of a full on leather outfit.

  2. Leather and Pleats
    A great way to modernize a simple leather skirt is to get one with pleats. It’s a great idea to wear in summer with sandals or flats but you can also pair it with some knee boots during the winter. Tights are not too far fetched to wear with a pleated leather skirt either.

  3. Colored Leather
    This one is a new one. Leather clothing is typically black or brown but recently the industry has come out with cream, taupe, caramel and other colors. Even red and burgundy leather are very popular this season.

  4. Black and White Leather
    This deserves its own mention besides colored leather. Black and white leather looks absolutely stunning no matter if it’s a purse, mens leather belts, a jacket or a dress. It’s a great way to dress up leather. Black and white tends to be quite a formal way to wear leather.

  5. Leather Boots
    Low rise boots, knee high boots, ankle boots; whatever boots. Leather boots are extremely in. Open toed or closed toe are both in season at this point and they can be worn with literally anything from shorts to skinny jeans and skirts.

  6. Leather Leggings
    While leather leggings are thought to be sexy, you have to be careful about how you wear these. Make sure your tail is always covered and careful about stepping out into these if they aren’t your regular mode of fashion.

  7. Leather Jackets
    These are great for any occasion. Real leather jackets can be pretty expensive but some faux leather looks genuine and can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. There are so many different types of jackets that you can get from motorcycle bulky to slimming rocker chick jackets.

  8. Leather and Fabric
    Any fabric, all fabric and patterns; fur, khaki, plaid; whatever it may be, pairing leather with another kind of material on one piece of clothing is a great way to ease yourself into wearing leather on a regular basis if you aren’t already used to. For example, a military style jacket with leather sleeves is a great match. Or, you could get a dress that is mostly fabric and has only one thin stripe of leather throughout the dress. This will make it easy to pair with leather accessories for a finished look without wearing too much leather for comfort.

Some of the best leather outfits actually contain only a small amount of leather while others are mostly leather or even nothing but leather. It all depends on how you wear it and how you rock it. If you are confident and poised, you can literally get away with anything. However, if you are unsure of your look and shy about it, it will show and people will know you are not a regular leather wearer. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a great idea but perhaps stick to mens leather belts and wallets and maybe a stripe or to if you aren’t ready to flaunt all that leather has to offer.

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