Idea to Literally Make Your Wedding Sparkle

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Everyone wants their special day to be one to be remembered , but it can be hard to break out of the constraints of time and a budget. Many brides and grooms to be wrack their heads for a unique idea for their weddings, but it often seems like there is none to be had. That is why embracing less as more for your wedding is the correct approach to making it memorable and yet affordable.

Check out these two ideas to help you have the best wedding of all time:

Do you want your wedding to really sparkle? You are in luck, because sparklers for weddings are available in abundance, and have been proven to be a low cost, effective way of creating memories that will last for a lifetime. Don’t be afriad to distribute the sparklers and ask your guests to form letters or shapes, so pictures can truly capture the amazingness of your celebration. Buy sparklers online to find the right number for the amount of guests you have. With wedding sparklers, you have three different sizes and burn times to choose from: The 10 and 20 inch sparklers last for two-and-a-half minutes, and the 36 inch sparklers will last for almost four minutes. If you plan to use sparklers during the ceremony or send-off, order enough sparklers for about 75% of guests in attendance, and you should have more than enough — just remember to be safe and don’t let children hold the wire sparklers unsupervised.

Fairy Lights
Another way to literally make your wedding sparkle is by stringing fairy lights all around the inside of your venue or your tent. Remember to buy fairy lights specifically, since christmas lights will be too big and won’t convey the right message for your special day. Fairy lights in the background really will make it feel like you are floating in a wonderland of matrimony.

Buy sparklers online, or fairy lights, to really make your wedding pop. A sparkler lasts for 45 seconds, but your memories will last a lifetime and forever.

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