Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Sparkly!


Congratulations! You’re getting married! There are so many things to think about and exciting decisions to be made before the big day arrives. I’d like to make at least one decision much easier for you.

Now, let’s talk about the very end of your wedding: The Big Send Off! There are many choices of how you can be sent off, from the traditional rice throwing to flower throwing to streamers and poppers as you run through your guests with your new husband. However, the classiest, most fun way to leave, in our opinion is with sparklers! Have your bridal party hand out long lasting sparklers that can be lit shortly before you and your groom decide to leave the reception and as they gather at the exit, you both can leave amidst a swirling, sparkling, bursting trail of loveliness!

Sparklers are just as fun for the guests, because after you leave, they still have something to do for a little bit! I would suggest, however keep the sparklers for the adults only unless a younger one is carefully supervised by an adult. If you do decide to use sparklers during the send-off you should order enough long lasting sparklers for about 75% of guests and that way you should have plenty.

If you are worried about the sparklers burning out before you’ve reached the end of the line, fear no more! While a traditional sparkler will only last around 45 seconds, the 20 inch sparklers will burn for about two and a half minutes as well as the ten inch sparklers and the 36 inch sparklers will stay alight for up to four minutes. For weddings we suggest either the 20 inch or 36 inch long lasting sparklers. This is because the handles are very long and therefore much more comfortable for your guests who may get nervous with short handle, trying to put it out before its time.

You do not only have to use sparklers for the send off, of course. Other popular uses are to use smokeless sparklers on top of the cake or during the actual ceremony.

Another benefit to using sparklers during your wedding is that they are mess free. Once the sparkler fun is over you can provide safe areas to discard of the used sparklers. This is as opposed to rice or flowers which someone will have to clean up later.

Pictures turn out absolutely fabulous when sparklers are used, particularly at night time or in a dark area. The lighting that comes from all the sparklers is spectacular and casts a perfect sheen to the beauty already radiating from the newlyweds.

Choosing a smoke free sparkler is also a good option for guests who can tend to be sensitive.

Considering using long lasting sparklers for your wedding. It’s something everyone can enjoy as well as you and your fiance. Now, off to make your other decisions; dresses, flowers, venues, photographers…but have fun with it, your wedding should be the best day of your life so plan all you can but once the day comes, just go with the flow and enjoy your special day!

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