How to Keep the Peace Between Family While You are Planning Your Wedding

Renting linens for an event

Weddings bring many opinions. Something as small as linens rental can be cause for all out family wars. Mother in law wants specialty linens but sister knows where to rent table linens for weddings that is much cheaper and economical but not as fancy. Mother in law decides that sister doesn’t have bride’s best interests in mind. Sister takes offense and it goes on and on. It can make wedding planning an absolute nightmare instead of the joy it should be. Here are some tips to avoid fights over table linens rental places without taking anyone’s side.

Hire a Wedding Planner
Sometimes what you need is a true unbiased opinion. Someone who is not emotionally invested in the relationships of the family. A good wedding planner will only be thinking of the bride and groom and their desires for the wedding. When fights like the one about linens rental shops break out, they will have no problem stepping in and making an executive decision about where the linens will be rented from and what they will look like. Your family may hate your wedding planner but they will not blame you and eventually everyone will be happy. A wedding planner can eliminate much of the tension brought between the families when they pit you against each other. A decent wedding planner will have no problem with you pointing the finger at them in order to keep the peace. As long as your previously discussed decisions are enforced, they know they are doing their job and don’t care about other people’s feelings.

Communicate With Your Helpers
One of the best ways to keep the peace during a wedding is to communicate with everyone right from the beginning. Even before any decisions need to be made or any opinions have been voiced, sit down with everyone that wants to help and let them know that they are valued and their opinions are valued. They need to know that you love them and you very much appreciate their help. After you have made sure that they understand how grateful you are to them, let them know that even though you do value their opinion, the final decision will be made by you and it will not reflect in any way about how you feel about either side of the family or the individual person but it will be based solely on your visions for your wedding. Later on, if someone gets offended, you can remind them of the conversation and they will realize that they have been warned.

Stick to the Budget
A very easy way to throw out some ideas is to realize that they simply are outside the budget. If someone offers the idea of a specialty custom made linens rental boutique, you can kindly let them know that this is way outside your budget and you are perfectly okay with the normal tablecloths that you originally planned to buy. Worst case scenario, the person may offer to buy them for you as their gift. If you like the linens and want to accept that, then great, but if not you can passively joke that you would rather have the money to put towards your honeymoon and put on to the next subject. This will let the person know that the topic is no longer up for discussion.

Realize the Priority
The priority is you, the bride or groom. This may be hard to come to terms with, especially if you are not a selfish person but the truth is, this is your wedding, no one else’s and you should be able to have the day that you have long envisioned. If someone isn’t happy with that, then they can incorporate that into their own wedding. You are going to remember your wedding much more clearly than anyone else is and you don’t want to have any regrets later on down the line. If you spend the entire time trying to make everyone else happy, you’ll end up stressed and miserable and unable to enjoy your special day. Don’t cut people out and hurt them, but don’t hurt yourself either.

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