Get the Most Out of Your Body Piercing Apprenticeship

Body piercing types

Body piercings are very popular. More than 83% of people in the United States have had their ears pierced. For other areas, women are very fond of having their navel pierced. Nearly 33% of women told survey takers they had had their navel pierced. The nose is the next most popular area with 19% of women surveyed having that pierced. Men prefer to have their nipples pierced. Nearly 18% of men who answered the same survey said they had at least one nipple piercing. If you like piercings and think you would like to go into this for a career, you should consider getting a body piercing apprenticeship.

Tips for Getting That Body Piercing Apprenticeship:

  1. Demonstrate you really want to become a fantastic body piercer. Some body piercing shops will not five you any kind of body piercing apprenticeship unless you are willing to take some classes in how to do it. Enrolling in a local (or not so local) program to learn how to body pierce is one of the best things you can do to become a body piercer and to show the shop that you are really serious about going into this as a career. Look into schools and programs in your area before you go to the body piercing shop. Make a plan to pay for that program. That way if you go into a shop and they ask about your plans to be trained you can honestly tell them that you are working on it. Be prepared to be specific in answering how you are preparing. Remember that there are a lot of different types of body piercings. Taking classes in this is the best way to learn about all of them.
  2. Be outgoing and fun. Even if you are the quiet, sulk in a corner type when you are at home, when you go out to ask for an body piercing apprenticeship or when you go into the one you have just been accepted to, be the kind of person people want to have around. No one wants to spend hours every day with Debbie Downer. If you are not at all interested in being around people and interacting with people, you really may want to reconsider going into body piercing. Body piercers are sales people and need to be friendly and fun to be around.
  3. If you really want to be a tattoo artist, get an apprenticeship for that. There are some people who do both body piercing and are tattoo artists so you can do both but no self respecting body piercer will be happy if they hear you think one is below the other. If you think getting a body piercing apprenticeship is a good way to get into tattooing you are wrong. Worse, you will just upset a lot of people and hurt your own reputation in the process.
  4. Be honest about your intentions. If you plan to open your own body piercing shop the minute your body piercing apprenticeship program is over, be honest about it. Most shops will charge you for the apprenticeship, if you are planning to go that route. It makes sense for them to do this as they are essentially training people to become their competition. If you lie about this, however, you ruin your credibility and people will think you lack integrity and it just is not worth it. Be honest and you will be rewarded for it. Also if you go into a shop and offer to pay for your body piercing apprenticeship, they will see how serious you are and then when you are done will go out of their way to help you.

The list of body piercings is long. The history is long as well. A body in a grave that was dated at being from 2500 B.C. had what experts believe is the oldest body piercing ever recorded. Before you go into a body piercing shop, take some time and read up on the history. Do that, study the craft and do a great job at your apprenticeship and you should become a great body piercer.


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