Month: December 2018

Microblading eyebrows training
Microshading eyebrows
Plasma skin regeneration

Is a Microblading and Shading Training Program Right for You? Here Are 3 Benefits of Taking the Course

Looking for a career change? Few things are more fulfilling than helping others feel great about the way they look. And people have been doing this for years. In fact, the first cosmetics and nail polish were created as far back as 3000 B.C. using ingredients like beeswax, egg whites, and pigments. Though technology has […]

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Sell silver
Sterling silver picture frame
Sterling silver tea set

How Silver is Quickly Becoming a Best-Selling Precious Metal

If you were faced with the decision of buying a regular picture frame or a picture frame made of sterling silver, which would you choose? Many people believe that gold is becoming ‘tacky’ or a metal from the past while silver is moving to the top of the rankings in popularity. By understanding everything you […]

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Non damaging extensions
Skin wefts
Slavic hair extensions

Getting Wefted Hair Extension

Personal beauty and body tailoring come in a variety of forms, from basic cosmetics like makeup all the way to microblading one’s eyebrows, which are popular methods women use for their everyday appearance. The hair on one’s head is also open to customization, and wefted extensions are a popular method. Wefted extensions of different types […]

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Adjustable belts
Full grain leather belt

Four Tips For Picking The Pefect Men’s Belt

Whether you’re wearing it to a work site, wearing it with your Sunday best or wearing it as part of your everyday look, every guy needs a reliable belt. Belts seem like the most basic of fashion accessories, but they can say a lot about your fashion sense. Mastering the basics of belt wearing can […]

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Fundraising event
School pride clothing
School sports apparel for fundraising

The Benefit of School Apparel and Other Fundraisers

All the kids have a love for their school, or we at least want to think so. With all of the teams you like to cheer for during school, from football to basketball and more, there is much to gain from having all the proper school spirit apparel. Benefits of School Spirit Apparel One of […]

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Dilara findikoglu
Mens designer boutique
Y project jacket

Henrik Vibskov and Other Designer Clothing Available Online

The worldwide fashion industry is one of the largest worldwide, with the e-commerce revenue already being over $418 billion annually. Additionally, the growth of this industry is expected to reach almost $713 billion by 2022. With that amount of increase in only four years, there is much more to expect in the future. Designer Clothes […]

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Gifts for women
Officially licensed jack daniels merchandise
Vintage beer shirts for sale

Giving The Gift Of Booze Here In The United States

From fleece blankets to gifts for women to even the flamingo beer pong, there are many different ways in which gift giving can get creative this holiday season. In fact, fleece blankets can often fall under the category of both fleece blankets themselves as well as representing a love for a certain brand of beer […]

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Chin clothing
Ethical responsibility
Henrik vibskov sale

Self Expression And Everything That Comes Along With Fashion Choices

Expressing yourself has never been as acceptable and applauded as it has come to be in the years that have just recently passed. Something that with how the world is shaping itself will continue with furry as the years tick by. This is not only limited to the things that we say and do but […]

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Donation pick up va
Donations for non profit organizations
Military families

Donating Old Clothes

The textile industry in the modern age has become a global juggernaut, and every year, vast volumes of clothes are designed, manufactured, and purchased, with the United States representing an especially large market for clothes and accessories from shirts and pants to dresses, coats, and gloves, but unfortunately, many of these clothes end up becoming […]

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Custom wedding tote bags
Gift totes
Heavy duty canvas totes

Why We Should All Be Reusing Bags

There is no doubt about it that we need to take better care of our environment, this much is a fact. Our environment is struggling, to say the least, and if we don’t do something soon, it will likely die. However, there are many steps that the average person living a normal life here in […]

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