How Silver is Quickly Becoming a Best-Selling Precious Metal

If you were faced with the decision of buying a regular picture frame or a picture frame made of sterling silver, which would you choose? Many people believe that gold is becoming ‘tacky’ or a metal from the past while silver is moving to the top of the rankings in popularity. By understanding everything you can about silver, you might learn new appreciation for the metal that is taking the world by storm.

Everything You Need to Know About Silver

People have been mining for silver for quite some time now, marking it into our history forever. In fact, the first evidence of silver mining dates all the way back to 3000 BC in both Turkey and Greece, which means that many of our ancestors understood the value that silver had and still maintains to this day. Silver is actually made in amazing ways. For instance, both silver and gold form in star explosions. Stars that are 10 times larger than the sun explode at the end of their lives, which produces these special elements. When you think about it, silver is actually quite amazing!

Many people find that real silver as it stands is too soft, which is why many companies over the years have used sterling silver instead. This is why you might find a pure silver tea set from many years ago and, today, our utensils would be made out of sterling instead of the antique silver you might have found many, many years ago. Whether you want to buy antique jewelry and antique sterling or stick with the silver that is sold in our stores today, there are many beautiful pieces waiting to find a home.

Many people love silver, which has made this metal one of the most often used when it comes to jewelry today. So, the next time you see a picture frame made of sterling silver or what you believe is sterling, take a look at its markings. Most of the time, it will have a stamp on it saying that it is ‘sterling’ or the number ‘925.’ Identifying silver and gaining an appreciation for it is becoming more commonplace in our modern times!

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