Getting Wefted Hair Extension

Personal beauty and body tailoring come in a variety of forms, from basic cosmetics like makeup all the way to microblading one’s eyebrows, which are popular methods women use for their everyday appearance. The hair on one’s head is also open to customization, and wefted extensions are a popular method. Wefted extensions of different types and styles can be done at any woman’s local hair salon, and one’s own hair style, length, color, and more will play a part in what wefted extensions her hairdresser will use, and the customer and hairdresser may work together to figure out exactly the right look for any head of hair. What exactly are wefted extensions, and how can they be incorporated into someone’s head of hair to make the perfect look for today’s woman? And what different styles and types of hair extensions might she be interested in?

What Wefted Extensions Are

As explained on Dirty Looks, wefted extensions can be best defined as a bundle of synthetic or real human hair that is bound with either braiding or tape or other adhesives at the base, and such wefts can be woven into a person’s scalp and natural hair to compliment it and add to it. The method for adding wefted hair will vary based on the type of weft being used, but the overall idea is the same: add more hair. Different styles of hair exist too, from European hair extensions to celebrity hair extensions to Russian hair extensions and more.

One type of hair extensions is machine weft hair. This is a piece of hair extension that is machine-made, and it can be woven into a customer’s regular hair by means of hair clips. This hair extension style is one of the most popular ones, and it is simple to assemble, with the hairs being sewn together by a machine that create a tracking effect. Hair can be sewn together and made to be appear completely natural once put on, as long as all the hairs face the same direction. Such hair is often among the highest quality of all wefted extensions, and it is safe to cut and trim as the customer wants without compromising it.

A newer model of wefted extensions is skin wefts, which has recently appeared on the beauty market. Polyurethane tape is used to hold it together, and this tape, once applied to the customer’s scalp, will look just like skin. Special adhesive tape will be needed to install this weft type, though, and the tape will last for a week or so before needing to be replaced.

Finally, hand tied weft hair is a natural hair type that should not be cut once it is woven into the customer’s hair, and it is thinner than machine woven hair, something that some customers may appreciate. Customers should note that it may cost more, however.

Those on the market for hair wefts should also be aware that different numbers of layers may be involved with wefted extensions. In a single weft piece, only one row of hair is used and sewn onto the mesh, and by contrast, two rows of hair will be woven into the mesh in a double extension. The pattern continues for triple or quad wefts.

Any woman on the market for wefted extensions may visit her usual salon (or a new one, if her current one doesn’t have the options she wants) and work with a hairdresser to figure out the best type of hair extension to use based on production method, price, and the hair itself, such as color, length, waviness, and more. They can coordinate to try out different models and find the right fit, and any hairdresser is bound to have the training and expertise to know the right type of hair extension for her customer for the most attractive, practical, and natural-looking final product. A customer may come back into the salon if there are any issues, or if she needs the tape in the hair wefts replaced.

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