Month: March 2014

How are replacement lenses mailed
How do you measure for sunglasses
Sunglasses replacement lenses

The Best Replacement Sunglasses Lenses

What are polarized lenses? Polarized lenses actually protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and they also help to reduce glare. But do you know how polarized lenses reduce glare? Do you have a clue how polarized sunglasses work? Well, you really don’t have to know the answers to those questions, because all that is […]

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Different types of watch bands
Sport watches
Types of watch movements

Make Sure You’re Always On Time and In Style With a Luxury Sport Watch

As society becomes more and more technologically integrated, we acquire more and more ways to tell the time. Many people now use their smartphone as a time keeping device rather than a wrist watch. However, there are still several reasons why investing in a good old-fashioned high-quality wrist watch is a good idea. Here are […]

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Bullion gold coins okc
Buy gold and silver
How to buy gold for investment

Four Tips for Selling Your Gold

A few years ago, gold prices skyrocketed — however, now that they’ve begun to decline, it’s important to make sure you sell your gold while prices are still high. Whether you are looking to make a return on your gold investment or you simply want to sell gold jewelry lying around your house, now is […]

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Camo prom
Camo vest for wedding
Pink camouflage baby clothes

Camouflaging Your Hunting Vehicles

For some, there is nothing like packing up for their next hunting adventure. By choosing your outdoor essentials carefully, you will insure that your hunting expedition is successful and trophy worthy. While we spend lots of time looking at hunting clothing and equipment, we forget about replicating the look with camo trucks and offroad vehicles. […]

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Waterproof sports watch
Womens sports watches

What to Look For in a New Watch

The enormous Rufus Cuff is poised to become both literally and figuratively one of the biggest smart watches on the market. While its competitors can only run scaled down versions of mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, the Rufus Cuff can support full blown smartphone apps. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a […]

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Designer wholesale bags
Fashion handbags
Handbag styles

How To Find Your Designer Handbags For Cheaper Than Department Store Prices

Women are often looking for the best prices on fashion accessories of their choice. Ladies fashion handbags wholesale opportunities is something that would be sure to catch a women’s eye. If there is a ladies fashion handbags wholesale, you can bet that there are women there looking to score a deal on authentic wholesale designer […]

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Custom softball shirts
Screen printed t-shirts
T shirt screen printing

How to Design a Cool Logo For Your Team

Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to make awesome team-wear for your rec league. Shirt printing companies all across the web have awesome options to make custom baseball shirts, custom softball shirts, custom bowling shirts, or whatever sport you’re participating in. The trouble is that you probably don’t know how to design custom […]

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Custom logo flags
Custom printed flags
Nylon american flags

What to Do When You Want a Custom Flag

Flags are pieces of fabric, most often used as signaling devices, symbols, or decorations. Every country in the world has a flag which is unique to it, and all 50 states in the United States have their own unique flags. In many areas, people fly outdoor flags in their homes to showcase heritage or to […]

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