Four Tips for Selling Your Gold

How to buy gold and silver

A few years ago, gold prices skyrocketed — however, now that they’ve begun to decline, it’s important to make sure you sell your gold while prices are still high. Whether you are looking to make a return on your gold investment or you simply want to sell gold jewelry lying around your house, now is the right time to sell your gold.

There are many ways to sell your gold, but not all of them are equal. If you’re not sure how to sell gold, here are four tips to help you sell your gold better:

1. Know how much your gold is worth: Independent appraisals are a great way to know exactly how much you should be asking for when you sell your gold. Licensed appraisers are the way to go for finding out insurance, replacement and sell values.

2. Research gold buyers near you: There are several different types of businesses that will buy gold and silver from you, but few will buy your gold at a fair price. Before you sell your gold to just anyone, thoroughly research gold buyers near you online.

3. Know your karats: The karat value, or purity, of your gold is an important factor in the value of your gold. Make sure to keep jewelry of different karat values separate, so your gold buyer doesn’t pay a flat rate for your gold.

4. Don’t feel bad about shopping around: There’s absolutely no rule that requires you to sell your gold to the first buyer you consult. Visit a few different gold buyers to make sure you’re making the best decision.

It can be easy to sell your gold, once you get the hang of it. It’s important to find the best place to sell gold in your area to get the best deal possible! More can be found here.

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