Month: February 2014

Fix scratched sunglass lenses
How much to replace sunglass lenses
Replace sunglass lenses

How to Replace Sunglass Lenses

There will come a point in any sunglass owners life when they’ll need to replace their lenses. Whether they’re scratched and worn after years of usage, or a sudden, dramatic accident cracks them, the need for a sunglass lenses replacement is inevitable. The problem many people have with sunglass lenses replacements is that they don’t […]

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How to measure oakley lens size
Ray ban lens replacement
Revo replacement lenses

Why Polarized Lenses Can Help Protect Against Vision Problems

Humans wouldn’t be able to survive without the sun. It gives us energy and warmth and life in general. But too much sun can bring about damage to the skin and eyes and, in the worst cases, even life-threatening diseases. Luckily, that’s all preventable, and the solution is simple: Don’t ever leave home without a […]

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Adjustable beds for seniors
Effects of sleep deprivation
Mattress stores online

Three Ways to Sleep Better at 70 Than You Did at 30

Scores of studies show that getting between seven and eight hours of sleep each night is essential for optimal performance and energy levels. But as our bodies get older, our sleep cycles change. In fact, it’s not unnatural for older folks to wake up two or three times during the night and have general trouble […]

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Designers chairs
Ghost chairs
Noguchi coffee table

Find the Right Furniture for Your Home Decor Needs

From Eames lounge chairs to Ghost chairs, designer chairs can help to spruce up the aesthetic of your home’s exterior and interior. When considering different kinds of designer table and chairs, you’ll want to think about which style will best complement your existing decor. The Ghost chairs are particularly versatile in that they can be […]

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Best robotic vacuums
Irobot roomba 550
Robot vacuum cleaner reviews

Tips to Help You Find the Right Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you have been looking for a better way to vacuum your home more efficiently, look no further than robotic vacuum cleaners. The best robot vacuum cleaners can help you clean your house without having to drag your manual vacuum from room to room. By and large, the benefits of robot vacuum cleaners cannot be […]

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Choosing a diamond ring
Diamond bracelets
Ritani ring

Diamond Studs The Cut Matters

The world of diamond jewelry is as varied as the stars in the sky, and every bit as beautiful. Today we take a closer look at one of the simplest styles of jewelry — diamond studs.Diamond studs are about as close as you can come to adorning yourself with just a stone. Their minimalist design […]

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