Why Polarized Lenses Can Help Protect Against Vision Problems

How do polarized sunglass lenses work

Humans wouldn’t be able to survive without the sun. It gives us energy and warmth and life in general. But too much sun can bring about damage to the skin and eyes and, in the worst cases, even life-threatening diseases.

Luckily, that’s all preventable, and the solution is simple: Don’t ever leave home without a pair of sunglasses. Forgetting them (or your sunscreen) can be a recipe for irritation and damage, one that might have disastrous consequences. Your exposed skin could endure a sunburn for week or so, and while it’ll be uncomfortable, it’s not quite as serious as what could happen to your eyes.

In the immediate aftermath of prolonged sun exposure, your eyes might develop what’s called “photokeratitis,” which causes your eyes to turn red and feel gritty as well as tear up excessively. Though this causes some serious vision issues (including extreme sensitivity to light), it’s almost always only temporary. That same can’t be said for cataracts, retina damage and macular degeneration — all unpleasant eye ailments that pose a threat to your vision as you get older.

Got a pair of sunglasses? That’s a start, but UV ray eye damage is really a cumulative process. That means the older you get, the worse you’re hurting your eyes based on lack of protection in the past. But you can’t just grab a cheap pair from the bargain bin at your local supermarket and expect it to keep you completely safe. What you need is a proper pair of polarized lenses, but what are polarized lenses?

How do polarized sunglass lenses work?

Consider them anti-glare machines that prevent harsh reflections from creeping into your line of vision. These lenses use a coating (called a chemical polarization filter) to effectively neutralize that annoying light and leave you with a clear focus. In short, the lenses absorb the light in many different directions, not vertically, which cuts through glare completely.

Can you replace sunglass lenses if they get damaged or scratched?

Of course! There are a number of specialty services that do exactly that to help you keep your eyes protected. In fact, polarized replacement lenses work just as well as the original ones, and you can customize them to your exact specifications in order to ensure you obtain exactly the level of protection you’re looking for.

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