Month: January 2014

Angela cummings jewelry
Shopping for vintage necklaces
The art of custom jewelry design

Top Three Reasons to Go Shopping For Vintage Jewelry

Whether you’re thinking about shopping for vintage bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or other pieces of jewelry, there are tons of reasons to get interested in the art of custom jewelry design. Many handcrafted jewelry designers are currently following the “in” fashion trend of vintage jewelry, designing many a piece with classic, timeless style. Here are a […]

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Irobot roomba 780 —- [YOUTUBE VIDEO]

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Cam buckle
Polypropylene webbing
Strap with buckle

Securing Pickup Truck Cargo

Almost every pickup truck owner has been confronted with the need to haul cargo at some point, whether that cargo has been lumber, building supplies, trash, or even a bike or motorcycle. Whatever you haul, it is important to make sure it stays securely in the truck bed while you’re on the road in order […]

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