Securing Pickup Truck Cargo

Nylon webbing

Almost every pickup truck owner has been confronted with the need to haul cargo at some point, whether that cargo has been lumber, building supplies, trash, or even a bike or motorcycle. Whatever you haul, it is important to make sure it stays securely in the truck bed while you’re on the road in order to avoid damage to the object, scuffing of the truck bed, or even loss of the object. Finding the right way to secure your truck’s cargo depends largely on the cargo itself. Several methods are available, and each has unique strengths and weaknesses.

Rope Tie Downs

When using rope, it’s essential to make sure that it can hold the weight of your load. There are many materials available, including polypropylene and nylon, both of which are relatively inexpensive, easy to trim, and secure when tied in knots. Polypropylene is popular because it floats, and nylon is popular because of the compact molecular structure that makes it so durable.

Ratchet Strap Tie Downs

Ratchet straps have hooks on one end and lever mechanisms with short straps and hooks on the other. They’re available in a number of sizes and lengths, are easy to handle, and stay tight in transit. Polypropylene webbing and nylon webbing are both popular for use in ratchet straps and are well-suited to the task of securing heavy objects. It is important to note that nylon webbing has a tendency to expand in water and that it is not resistant to acids, while polypropylene webbing is not very resistant to abrasion.

Tarps for Covering Cargo

Tarps are sometimes used for covering cargo, though they don’t always provide the best solution. They keep cargo dry, prevent loose items from blowing away, and are easy to store, but inexpensive plastic ones tend to rip easily, and they can be troublesome to tie off securely. Size is also an issue when using tarps, as those that are too large can’t easily be secured, and those that are too small tend to flap and tear.

There are other options, like bungee cords and elastic cargo netting, that can also be successful, though products made from nylon and polypropylene webbing tend to be the most effective for pickup truck cargo transfer. Consider the cargo you plan on transporting before you select the appropriate webbing. It can make all the difference for the safety of your load, and ultimately the safety of your journey.

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