How to Design a Cool Logo For Your Team

Custom printed sweatshirts

Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to make awesome team-wear for your rec league. Shirt printing companies all across the web have awesome options to make custom baseball shirts, custom softball shirts, custom bowling shirts, or whatever sport you’re participating in.

The trouble is that you probably don’t know how to design custom t-shirts! Sure, you’ve got some vague ideas, but you lack the experience to translate them something worthy of being on a shirt. Of course, you could always take a plain route and just have your team’s name on the front, but who’d want that when you can design custom t-shirts that are really extraordinary?

All that bing said, here’s a few tips to help you design custom t-shirts that will truly impress.


First and foremost, consider you color palette as you design custom t-shirts, because color can carry a lot of meaning. For example, if your rec league is fairly aggressive, try using red dominantly throughout the design. Choose colors that grab the attention and work well with your shirts.


I know; I know. I said earlier not to make them plain, but simplicity is not the same thing (if done correctly). After all, some of the most iconic logos are pretty simple. Take something simple when you design custom t-shirts, and come up with some extra detail related to the team to help. Think of Apple. Their symbol is really just an apple, but it’s that bite that makes it iconic. The bite relates to computers because “bytes.” Get it?

Proportion and Symmetry.

Make sure that your logo isn’t massive and un-proportioned. Think about this practically–it wouldn’t look right if there was hardly anything on the one side of the shirt and loads of crazy things going on on the other side, would it? Make sure that when you design custom t-shirts the logo is proportional and fits the shirt.

Keep these ideas in mind will help you make the coolest custom shirts ever. If you have any questions about to design a logo, feel free to ask in the comments. More info like this.

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