Launching an Excellent Fundraiser

Raising money for charities or fundraisers is an effort common to the United States. Schools, houses of worship, offices, and more launch fundraising events all year round, and a lot of effort and equipment is needed for a successful school fundraiser. What might be needed for a successful school fundraiser? Fundraising ideas vary, but there are some common elements to a successful school fundraiser or a charity event at a house of worship. Fundraisers may be launched for all sorts of reasons, such as for an upcoming project, donating to charitable causes, a major event, or anything else (it depends on the fundraising party). A church or synagogue, for example, might host a charity meal or event such as outdoor sports or races, and a successful school fundraiser may involve a large outdoor meal, fun outdoor activities, and more. There may even be a raffle or other contest involved. What is there to know about fundraisers in the United States?

Americans and Fundraising

Fundraising is a common practice across the United States, and one may first consider fundraising at schools across the nation. The National Association of Elementary School Principals launched a survey in 2007, and it found that around 76% of schools host five fundraiser events per year. Another 20% of schools host even more, about five to 10 per year or so. Interestingly, about 67% of schools reported that if they could, they would do away with fundraising entirely, but typically, they cannot. Meanwhile, (a software company that works with nonprofits) launched its own survey and found out that a massive 98% of parents said that their kids’ schools raise money at fundraisers, and 40% of those parents said that such fundraisers were held frequently. Finally, back during tyhe 2005-2006 school year, nine out of 10 parents said that they bought a product to support a school’s fundraiser.

Statistics are being kept to see how often Americans launch fundraisers, and how much money is raised and by what means. Often, the Internet is involved, with e-mails, websites, and social media doing a lot of the work to spread awareness of a fundraiser and also gather donations. Back in 2013, online giving of all kinds grew about 13.5%, and this growth may continue well into the future. Similarly, around 55% of people who find non-profits on social media are inspired to take further action, such as giving donations or taking part in local charity or fundraising even for a school or house of worship. Meanwhile, a great quantity of e-mails may be sent by non-profits, and on average, a nonprofit may receive about $17 for every 1,000 e-mails sent. How might such a charity event be set up?

Starting the Fundraiser

Common agencies who launch fundraisers are schools, houses of worship, and local companies. The first steps may involve such work as deciding the purpose of the collected funds, which may vary from donating it to humanitarian or wildlife conservation efforts all the way to a new project. A school, for example, may launch a fundraiser to pay for renovations inside the building or uniforms and equipment for the sports team. Larger scale fundraisers may be done for even larger projects, such as a building add-on or new vehicles such as school buses or company cars.

The actual events held may vary, but common events for fundraisers may include meals (whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner), a musical performance, live theater or a talent show, outdoor obstacle courses or races, and more. In fair weather, and if there’s enough grounds nearby, such outdoor events may be held. In other cases, a school may host a charity breakfast in its cafeteria, or a house of worship may do the same in its own cafeteria if the premises are big enough.

Awareness and unity of spirit are also important. T-shirts are part of any successful school fundraiser, and they are often worn during outdoor events like races or obstacle courses. These shirts may be ordered from textile shops ahead of time, with the school’s name and year, and the intended cause, printed on them. Print and digital media alike can also promote a fundraiser, such as signs on the school campus, posters and flyers, and an Internet campaign involving e-mail, social media, and the school’s website.

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