What to Consider When Buying Bridal Jewelry

Bridal jewelry is often the most thought out and expensive jewelry a person will purchase in their lifetime. With the goal of only getting married once, you want to get our selection right the first time. The vast majority of engagement rings are gold with diamonds. However, there is no hard and fast rule that says an engagement ring has to be gold and diamonds. Throughout history, there have been a wide range of different stones and metals used in engagement rings.

Between the wedding and engagement ring, along with the man’s wedding ring, the average couple will spend $6,351 on wedding jewelry. While this may sound significant, quality is important when it comes to bridal jewelry. You want the jewelry you present to the love of your life to demonstrate how you feel about them.

Interestingly, while engagement rings are traditionally worn by women, nearly 30% of men in a recent study stated that they would be open to wearing an engagement ring. Another growing trend is going with custom designed engagement rings. While wedding trends are constantly coming and going, the idea of a custom designed engagement rings is a great one because it allows young couples to express their personal style through the bridal jewelry.

More and more couples are also buying their bridal jewelry online, opposed to hitting the traditional mall jewelry stores. This allows them more freedom to shop and consider what they really want without the pressure of a sales person. When it comes to what is really important, more women are concerned with the shape of the stone, opposed to the color.

Traditionally, it has been believed that men should spend an average of three-months pay on the bridal jewelry. However, that is no longer a hard and fast rule as more and more couples are more interested in finding jewelry that matches their unique personalities, opposed to simply buying the biggest ring they can afford.

There is a lot of pride and excitement that goes into buying a wearing bridal jewelry. Often times, proposals are still a surprise, so the man wants the ring to be an equally exciting part of the surprise for the woman that will hopefully be his future wife.

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