How to Find the Best Engagement Ring

Looking through numerous wedding bands or engagement rings can leave you feeling overwhelmed easily. When you are so focused on finding the perfect ring, you can often overlook many things. Here are a few tips to help you not only find a great ring, but also a great deal.

  • The Cut. The first thing you should focus on is the cut of the diamond, as that is where the stone will get most of its shine from. Ask for a “very good” cut at your jewelry store, as opposed to an “ideal” cut. There isn’t enough difference to honestly warrant the extra cost, and your significant other will love it all the same.
  • Don’t Sweat the Microscopic. While commercial jewelers love to put diamonds under microscopes to show how many, or how few flaws the stone has, if you can’t see it with without a microscope, don’t sweat it. Don’t let yourself be dissuaded from buying a ring, just because it’s not as “flawless” than another when deeply examined. Trust me, your fiance isn’t going to run out to get a microscopic examination of their new ring. Superficial “flaws” are trivial, and they will love it regardless.
  • Odd Size. You’ve heard of carat sizes, but did you know that asking for a diamond that it a few points smaller than a regular size can save you up to 20%? If you ask to see a 1 carat ring and a .95 carat ring, I guarantee you won’t be able to spot a visible difference, as the barley is any.
  • Halo. A halo setting is where the center stone is surrounded by smaller accent stones, which can help enhance the look of the central setting. This can not long make the central stone seem larger, but it can make for a beautiful custom engagement ring, for a reasonable price.
  • Prongs. Once you’ve settled on a stone, move on to the setting. Choosing platinum or gold can add up depending on how complex you want to get. Consider a simple prong setting to keep the weight down, as well as the price. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style, and you can rest assure your fiance will love it.
  • Estate Jewelry. Many independent stores will sell jewelry acquired through estate sales. This can be an more affordable option to go with, that not only gives you a beautiful ring, but also a vintage one.
  • Online. Looking online for deals can also help you conceptualize what you want to find, even if you make the final purchase at a brick and mortar jewelry store. Engagement rings online are almost limitless, and looking through the options can help you pinpoint exactly what you are looking for, so that you can better communicate your vision to a jeweler.
  • Timing. Try to avoid buying engagement rings around Christmas or Valentine’s day. Because these holidays are popular times for popping the question, you’re likely to not have the largest variety to pick from, and will probably end up paying more, for something you don’t truly love. If you are thinking of proposing at this time, consider buying the ring in advance so that you get what you want, for a fair price.
  • Another Stone. If you want a ring to stand out from the usual, consider choosing a stone other than a diamond. Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires can make a unique statement. Additionally, they are long lasting and will hold up just as well as diamonds when worn everyday, and since they tend to cost less than diamonds, you can spring for a large stone if desired.
  • Certified. No matter where you choose to purchase a ring, make sure to get a certification from the Gemological Institute of America, this way you can be certain you got the high quality stone that you were promised, and you don’t have to worry about spending more on something that won’t last.

Looking through engagement rings to find the perfect one can be an easily over complicated task. Help keep the process simple by keeping in mind the above tips. No matter what you settle on, your fiance will love it, simply because you chose it.

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