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    How to Choose Ladies Sport Watches for Style, Function, and Durability

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    Sport watches

    According to statistics from Running USA, almost 16 million Americans compete in organized races each year. When you think of how many more people run simply to stay in shape and shed their stress, that number skyrockets. Of all American runners, more than 60% are women. These women, like anyone else, need to make sure they’re getting the right amount of rest and proper nutrition, but they also need to be sure they’re using the proper training tools. As anyone who wakes up early each and every day to pound the pavement can tell you, few tools are as important as sports watches.

    Of course, knowing that sports watches for women are important and how to find one to fit your needs are two very different things. If you’re one of the many runners who are tired of buying a watch only to have it die a few days lat

    Four of the Most Bizarre Auctions to Ever Grace eBay

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    Local estate sales

    Chances are if you know the Internet exists, then you also know that you can get all different kinds of antiques and vintage collectibles through online auctions at eBay. What you may not know is that these public auctions offer some rather bizarre items in addition to vintage collectible items and old memorabilia.

    Don’t believe it? Here are some of the weirdest things people have ever bought through eBay auctions.

    Someone’s Dignity.

    One eBay auctions user put their dignity up for sale. How? The auction’s winner would receive a sheet of paper titled “My Dignity,” signed by the seller. It’s fairly unclear what the benefits of such a purchase were, or how much should have b

    The Mall is Your One Stop Shopping Center

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    Office stationery stores

    With the summer coming on strong, ’tis the season summer dress shopping. But with so many choices and fashions out there from which to choose, where do you begin? Your local mall is your best source to help you keep up on recent fashion trends and finding the right summer dress for Memorial Day.

    In addition to your summer dress shopping needs, the educated consumer can pay a visit to their local shopping mall to purchase the latest- or keep up on recent trends in- electronics. Malls are also a great resource for home decor shopping home furnishing ideas.

    And if all this shopping makes you hungry, there is no need to head home. The numerous food court restaurants and options are sure to please the most discriminating tastes. Featuring food styles from all over the world, the mall food court is conv