Four of the Most Bizarre Auctions to Ever Grace eBay

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Chances are if you know the Internet exists, then you also know that you can get all different kinds of antiques and vintage collectibles through online auctions at eBay. What you may not know is that these public auctions offer some rather bizarre items in addition to vintage collectible items and old memorabilia.

Don’t believe it? Here are some of the weirdest things people have ever bought through eBay auctions.

Someone’s Dignity.

One eBay auctions user put their dignity up for sale. How? The auction’s winner would receive a sheet of paper titled “My Dignity,” signed by the seller. It’s fairly unclear what the benefits of such a purchase were, or how much should have been asked for it, but the user’s dignity wound up shamefully selling for just over $10.

A Nice Weekend.

In 2007, four men in Australia auctioned a weekend out with them, promising snacks, beer, and laughs. The bids started at just $0.01AU, but quickly escalated to the winning amount of $1,300AU!

An Entire Life.

An Australian man named Ian Usher put his whole life for auction in June of 2008. The package included his home, everything in it, his jet ski, motorcycle, car, and parachuting gear. What’s more, Usher also offered the winner introductions to his social circles and even an offer for his new job. His motivation was to sell everything from his old life, and start anew wherever the wind took him–to just get on the next flight going anywhere with the clothes on his back, his wallet, and his passport. So what did a man’s life sell for? A whopping $348,000!

Another of eBay’s auctions offered users the chance to buy a friendly ghost from one Martin Fawcett, which was contained in an ordinary glass jar. Rather than keeping the money, Fawcett wanted to put the proceeds towards cancer research after the death of his great-great grandmother. In the description, he explained that the ghost was nameless, but giggled when called “Casper.” The ghost also enjoyed being let out, but not for longer than 20 minutes, as it’d get anxious. However, eBay removed the auction after its sixth day because it violated their policy of selling intangible items whose existence couldn’t be verified upon receipt.

Would you have bought a someone’s dignity? Or someone’s life? What about the nice weekend? Feel free to share your opinions of these auctions in the comments! For more, read this link:

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