How to Choose Ladies Sport Watches for Style, Function, and Durability

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According to statistics from Running USA, almost 16 million Americans compete in organized races each year. When you think of how many more people run simply to stay in shape and shed their stress, that number skyrockets. Of all American runners, more than 60% are women. These women, like anyone else, need to make sure they’re getting the right amount of rest and proper nutrition, but they also need to be sure they’re using the proper training tools. As anyone who wakes up early each and every day to pound the pavement can tell you, few tools are as important as sports watches.

Of course, knowing that sports watches for women are important and how to find one to fit your needs are two very different things. If you’re one of the many runners who are tired of buying a watch only to have it die a few days later, or you’re simply tired of putting your hard-earned money into a useless watch, follow our tips to finding the best ladies sport watches.

How to Choose Durable, Stylish, and Functional Ladies Sport Watches

  1. Choose a Casing That Matches Your Personality
  2. As Rants and Rascals, a popular guide to health, fitness, and lifestyle for families, writes, one of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing ladies sports watches is your personality. Do you prefer a round face watch, often considered to be more feminine looking? Or does your personality match better with the all-business look of a square-faced watch?

  3. Know What Functionality Your Sport Demands
  4. For Eastern Mountain Sports, knowing the functionality of your watch before you buy is the key to finding a watch you can love. Consider, if you’re a runner, you not only need a stopwatch function, you also need a heart rate monitor. Additionally, if you’re known to start running without a plan, going only where your feet take you, choosing ladies sport watches with a GPS function is probably a good idea.

  5. Find Something Water Resistant
  6. Too many people assume that they only need a water resistant watch if they’re going to be swimming as part of their cross-training regime. However, what if it rains while you’re running? What about the gallons of sweat you’re shedding as you put shoe to trail? Both rain and sweat can damage your watch, but by choosing something that’s water resistant to around 10 meters, you’re more likely to invest in something that will stand up to your punishing workout routine.

  7. Consult the Pros
  8. Of course, when all else fails, you should consult sports professionals, like those working at your local running store or general sports apparel retailer. Once they know what sort of training you’re doing, they can direct you to the perfect watch. Just make sure you research the prices of popular models on the internet beforehand.

Are you a runner? How do you choose womens sport watches? Let us know in the comments below. Reference links:

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