What should I wear to become a rodeo enthusiast?

Back in the 1800s hundreds of men labelled their occupation as “cowboy” according to Ancestry.com. Nowadays traditional cowboys are few and far in between, to be a rancher or cowboy you need to come into it through generations of passed down farms or a passion for the ranch lifestyle. This can be such a fulfilling way to live your life and we need to bring back the farming community. Rodeos however are growing in popularity each year, people love to watch the sports involved. Calf roping, bull riding, cart races, barrel racing, and much more amazing sports can be enjoyed.

Farmers have been successful hard working people for years and they bring so much joy and healthy food to the world. To become a cowboy or rodeo worker it takes more than just an unshaped cowboy hat and some boots. You need to have the attitude of an entrepreneur that runs their own life, gets up at the break of dawn, and works strives to be the best. To be a rodeo cowboy you need to be fearless and daring to become the best. To become the best you need to wear the best and know what type of outfitting your looking for.

Cowboys and rodeo workers need to wear decent steel toed boots when working around large animals like bulls and horses. If you have your foot stepped on by a large animal you could have multiple broken toes or an entire broken foot. By wearing steel toed boots you will be fully protected from stomping. Another item that finds itself most popular in the rodeo scene is denim. Denim is one of the strongest fabrics you can wear when doing hard labor or riding horses. Denim is breathable and lightweight and can be washed at home easily with no set restrictions. The simpler the clothing the better for those who lead busy lifestyles.

Cowboy hats are a must and are one of the most recognizable accessories known to man. An unshaped cowboy hat may be the option for you if your looking for a basic style sun hat. You can have your hat shaped if you like using steam and a professional shaper. Unshaped cowboy hats are bold and keep the hot sun off cowboys and girls faces while riding, working, or just doing daily activities. Unshaped cowboy hats can be worn by most anybody even if they don’t live the rodeo lifestyle. These hats are light, breathable, and wick away sweat super fast. The bigger the hat the bolder the statement. What statement are you looking to make?

When shopping for rodeo equipment and supplies think about all the different activities your going to do. You may require horse care products, western rodeo shirts, rodeo jeans for women, socks, and much more. Your local western wear establishment can help you find everything you need to rock the rodeo lifestyle.

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