Unique Ideas For Planning Your Next Fundraiser

If you are active in your local school district, you may have helped out at school fundraisers before; however, coming up with new activities to keep people interested can be difficult. If you need help planning your next fundraiser keep reading for some unique and fun ideas!

Ideas For Planning Your Next Fundraiser

A few unique ideas for planning your next fundraiser that are guaranteed to excite are:

  • Pajama Day What kid doesn’t dream of heading to class in their pajamas? This idea is sure to get the kids excited! In exchange for getting to come to class in pajamas collect donations from students who want to participate, this can be used throughout all grades, and even high school kids will get excited for this!
  • Scavenger Hunt or Easter Egg Hunt Depending on the season or holiday, you can organize a scavenger hunt akin to the classic Easter activity. If it’s near Halloween consider using little pumpkins filled with candy for the kids to find! This is something the whole community can participate in, and it’s sure to put smiles on all the kids faces.
  • Dress Up Disney Day Kids love to dress up, so why not consider a dress up day where they can come to school dressed like their Disney characters! Similar to pajama day, for a donation kids can spend the day as their favourite princess, or hero!
  • School Picnics This idea works perfect for when the weather is warm, and is another idea that the entire community can participate in! You can set up the picnic at the school, or at a nearby park district. At this event you can decide on a participation fee, and even throw a raffle for additional fundraising! This can also be held in conjunction with a scavenger hunt, or other activity. There is tons of potential with this fundraising event!
  • Popcorn Fundraising Unlike a traditional bake sale, popcorn is a healthy snack alternative. There are companies that you can coordinate with for this option that will supply you with all the popcorn you need! When the event is done, you and the company split the profits!
  • Theatre Production Give the kids a chance to shine on stage! Parents, and even those in the community can be invited to watch the production. The cost of entry can be advertised as going towards a specific goal the school has, that way the audience will know their money is going towards something beneficial for the children.
  • School Slumber Party While you may not think kids want to spend more time at school than necessary, having a sleepover with all their friends from school is an idea they can get behind! Let parents know everything the children need to bring, and charge a specific amount for the event. You can set up fun activities in the gymnasium, and have kids vote ahead of time on a movie they’d like to watch!
  • Trivia Competition A great way to get kids to show off that they’ve learned throughout the school year is a trivia contest, spelling bee, or geography contest. This can be hosted similar to a theatre production, and parents are sure to come to see their kids show off their smarts!
  • Family Fun Day Parents, children, community members, and alumni can come and take part in this end of the school year celebration. You can organize various activities for the children to take part in, and charge a participation fee that will go towards bettering the school for the next school year. Encourage participants to wear their school spirit shirts, and show their local pride!

There are an unlimited number of activities and events that can be put together for the benefit of your school district. These are only a few options, but they can be mixed and matched to make for unique and entertaining ideas that can help when planning your next fundraiser!

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