Quiz What Boot Fits Your Personality?

Which Boot Best Fits You?

Boots are a staple in the shoe industry—yet, there are many types of boots on the market to choose. Which are you?

Combat Boots: By far the most stylish and resourceful boots around—an unusual contender that ties past use to future designs and looks. Can be upbeat and chic, feisty and dark or serious and professional. Combat boots can tie together a relaxed or edgy look—combat boots initial intent was designed to be worn in combat and combat training by soldiers. Today, combat boots are used still used in their primary field, but various types of combat boots have been designed for adaptability purposes to support lifestyle differences. These boots personify strength and agility in one’s life all while looking stylish, not to mention combat boots are incredibly affordable and a great additional to any closet. If you want a pair of durable boots, look no further.

Brown Boots: Your average run-of-the-mill boot that provides a great look at an even greater price, the color is perfect for outdoor lovers and professional alike—no hassle with excessive cleaning. Danner footwear designs the best all-around brown boot for an appealing price that’s guaranteed to last through the toughest situations. These boots, traditionally associated with construction workers, have significantly widened to create a market where brown boots have grown in popularity because of its redesigned look that makes them an excellent all-purpose boot.

Hiking Boots: Made for extremely rocky terrain—the daredevils, risk-takers, and adventurous spirits that can’t be contained. An affinity of nature—the world. Hiking boots are designed with a specific look intended for those who are compelled to the outdoors and thrive there. Hiking was recorded as the fourth-most popular outdoor activity in the United States in 2017 accounting for about 44.9 million participants. The skill-sets hiking requires imperative for durable boots that can handle a beating and bounce back within hesitation—built to last tough, with your protection in mind.

Hunting Boots: Another outdoor-lover with an extremely meticulous skill-set that says this person knows how to survive through the most challenging times. A survivor—tough times are a familiar face to these people, which is why hunting boots are a must for any avid hunter. These boots are highly multifaceted, similar to their owners—they are ready for anything at any given time.

Tactical Boots:Professional, authoritative, and uniformed these boots are workforce ready with no-nonsense frills. Their practicality is what makes tactical boots popular in uniformed, specialized workplaces like law enforcement, EMS, and Military and security professionals who need durable footwear to do their jobs efficiently. Tactical boots denote a serious demeanor, something that is required when working in these fields.

Waterproof Boots: The best type of boot. Reliable and durable even during inclement weather—your warmth or dryness isn’t compromised for mass appeal or price. Go-getters, restless, fun-loving individuals were made for this type of boot is bound to get from point A to point B without all the additional worries.

Rocky Paratrooper Boots: Stylish with a combination of combat. Its tactical design to exude a seriousness with a flair of high-fashion interlaced into its laces, rocky paratrooper boots have it all. A boot of this design is highly versatile, for the non-comforting, non-constricting types that walk to the beat of their own drum without any concerns towards people’s opinions. A Friday night out, or a Monday morning filled with classes, rocky paratrooper boots got you covered.

Why Choosing The Perfect Boot Matters

You wouldn’t want someone to sell you a car with multiple problems, right? Similarly, you don’t want to buy a pair of boots that are not beneficial to your lifestyle. Shoes, like cars, are an investment; you get back what you put out—quality over quantity will prevent avoidable health problems from the constant walking during a workday. Studies show an average person tends to cover 10,000 steps per day, but laborers triple that number, walking more than 30,000 steps per day. The type of boots you choose to carry you throughout your day is essential to your future. The variety of choices on the market appeals to the ever-changing, busy lifestyles. Whether we choose tactical boots or rocky paratrooper boots we all have one common goal, to get somewhere.

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