How Bridal Jewelry Is Telling Couple’s Narratives

A beautiful piece of jewelry signifies a stable of love and compassion in a relationship, whether intimate or platonic. The gift of beautiful jewelry of any kind is heartwarming—unforgettable. The tradition of wedding rings derives from Austria, when Maximillian presented his fiancée, Mary of Burgundy, with an engagement ring that represented a promise of marriage in 1477. When choosing jewelry, there’s an importance to make sure it accurately portrays your emotions towards the person; there are many questions to ask yourself—how does this piece of jewelry fit their personality? Would it represent how I feel? Mainly, when choosing bridal jewelry, there is a significance in the type of ring chosen, from its design to the wedding band. Statistics show 61% of men would consult with their partner before buying a ring, and almost a third of individuals buying diamond jewelry are willing to spend over $1,000. Bridal jewelry ranks differently among quality and popularity compared to fashion jewelry—even outranking fine jewelry, because of the meaning associated with engagement rings. Personalized wedding rings are extremely sought-after decision to ensure they’ll have outstanding bridal jewelry to represent the depth of their love through encapsulating it in a piece of fine jewelry.

What Jewelry Says About You

Jewelry is used as a means of expression whether through emotions or artistic means. Especially within bridal jewelry, there’s a tendency to make such weeding rings look as extravagant and different as possible, making personalized wedding rings a go-to for many young couples to choose from. The top bridal styles include colored stones in their wedding jewelry; research shows that 52% of brides would prefer a colored stone in their engagement ring styled like Halle Berry or Jessica Simpson engagement rings. A colored stone is desired because it brings out the individualistic style among traditional wedding rings—a custom jewelry designer specializes in creating these works of art to make breathtaking designs that are bar none to other pieces.

How Jewelry Is Changing The World

Traditionally, wedding and engagement rings were associated with women. However, gender conformities, and scientific advancements are changing society,’s perception, and these changes shown throughout Jewelry stores, where a jewelry purchase isn’t synonymous with a particular gender. Statistics show that 29% of are okay with wearing an engagement ring, and both genders (nearly 80%) are okay with lab created diamonds than older generations. Personalized rings are being designed with style in mind than extravagance, personalized wedding rings are created to depict a couple’s union. All marriages don’t follow traditional constraints, and they want a ring to represent the story of their meeting—a personalized piece of bridal jewelry embodies that.

Where To Find Unique Bridal Jewelry

Jewelry stores create top quality pieces that symbolize the individuality of a union. However, some couples aren’t looking for a ring in a traditional jewelry store, that simply isn’t their style. Outstanding bridal jewelry can be found as close as your nearest local jewelers, where personalized non-tradition engagement rings and custom wedding rings might be more fitting to your style. Notably, jewelers in Indianapolis are known for their original flare on rings, creating memorable wedding jewelry with a unique spin to a traditional occasion. If you’re looking for a new-era of bridal jewelry, look no further than engagement rings in Indianapolis.

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