Here’s The Reason That Your Closet Should Be Cleaned Out Right Away

What do you do when there isn’t any more room to add clothes to your closet? Do you just put it in a bad and throw it out? Or perhaps you put it in a bag and put it in the attic, forgetting that it exists. Considering that 12 million dons of textiles and fabrics are added to the landfill year after year it means that too man people are simply going through their closets and throwing them into the trash. Why not instead of adding to the landfill you donate clothing to those who could truly use it instead. Give those articles that you used to love wearing a second chance at being the beloved items that they once were.

Still not sold on donating your clothes? Then perhaps we should give you a few more laid out reasons as to why this is your best form of charitable giving.

A Greener Environment

Clothing donations are more than just cleaning out your own closet. When you donate clothing you are going green and helping the environment by putting less waste within the landfills. Considering that the average person throws out 4.5 pounds of trash per day that’s more than enough trash as it is at the landfill without adding the problem of clothing as well into all of that. When you make charitable clothing donations you reduce the amount of trash in the environment.

Tax Break Bliss

Taxes can be a difficult time of the year for everyone. However, any type of charitable donations that you make will give you a cut in your taxes. When you are able to write off the clothing that you donate, you make the money go out and buy even more to re fill those empty spaces that are in your closet once again and to start this process all over. Just think of how many more pieces of clothing you could add!

Helping families in need

Most importantly when you give to charity you’re giving a person and families who couldn’t previously afford these items. It could be that coat that was needed for the winter in order for the children not to freeze when outside, or those jeans that helped him to get out of bed in the morning and go to that very important life changing interview.

Clothing donations don’t even have to be a stress that you lug out and drop off to anyone. Charities that pick up donations are all around and are more than willing to come to your home and get those heavy plastic bags that you weren’t sure that you could carry around in the first place. With this simple way to get rid of those items by having a charity pick up come in and grab your used items what other excuse is there to not do it?

The next time you find yourself not wanting to add to your 82 pounds of waste you throw out every year with piles of clothing that could use a second chance, donate your clothing instead of throwing it into the trash. Clean out your closet and donate all of those clothes that you don’t use to a loving home that could use the items and repurpose them into items that they could use and give a whole new life to. You’re not throwing away your clothes, your giving them the second chance at life that they deserve.

Donate clothing you don’t need today.

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