Give Your Baby a Good (and Comfortable) Night’s Sleep

While you are in your favorite department store searching for the perfect cute nighties of for your baby, there are probably dozens of fabrics that you come across among the search. Of course, you want to give your little one the best jersey knit shirts for pajamas you can find, no matter the cost, but just what is the best, exactly? How are you supposed to know what will suit your precious baby best just by feeling textiles, seeing colors, and reading the smeared black print on tiny clothing labels?

Don’t fret, mama bear. In a world full of variety, when it comes to jersey knit shirts for pajamas, there is only one fabric that will give your baby’s nightie both comfort and the cuteness factor: cotton.

Your newborn can sleep anywhere between 10.5 and 18 hours a day; with that much time for dreaming, wouldn’t you want to be comfortable, too? Here are three health benefits that those cute jersey knit shirts for pajamas made of cotton will give your baby–and a fun fashion one, too.

Cotton breathes so that your baby can, too.

Cotton is a material that is naturally lightweight and breathable, which promotes better air circulation, unlike other heavier or man made fibers. Due to cotton’s breathable nature, your baby’s body will not labor too hard for climate control, which means less sweating or shivering. Even in the winter months when your little one needs a little extra cold weather accessories to cozy up to, cotton flannel style jersey knit shirts for pajamas are available. Pair your cotton flannels with cozy knit beanies, and your baby will be comfortably warm.

Double threat: cotton is hypoallergenic AND can be organic.

Does your bundle of joy have sensitive skin? Do you want to be sure that they are getting soft, natural material that is not treated with any chemicals during processing? Cotton can give you both, so that you know you are dressing your baby in clean, pure jersey knit shirts for pajamas.

You will sleep like a baby–and so will your baby.

Cotton is not just the ideal material for a t-shirt for moms; it is one of the softest and most nonabrasive materials you can choose for your little one’s jersey knit shirts for pajamas. It has been used for thousands of years for a reason: the material is naturally smooth and soothing to an infant’s skin. Ultra-soft materials like silk and satin and manufactured materials like nylon and polyester can trigger skin allergies and are poor conductors of excess body heat, so your baby could begin sweating profusely in the nighttime. The less irritated your child is by his jersey knit shirts for pajamas, the less he will wake up in a fuss, saving you some much needed shut eye, too.

High fashion lover? Your baby will look regal in a white cotton nightgown.

Who says the Victorian style nightgown flair has to stop after your newborn pictures are over? With all of these health benefits for cotton sleepwear, there is no reason not to save that novel white lace nightgown for your little one to actually sleep in. A princess look and stellar sleep? If your baby could speak, she would ask you for some cotton jersey knit shirts for pajamas yesterday. In fact, a darling embroidered monogram on her cotton nightgown would make her look less like a princess and more like a queen.

Are the jersey knit shirts for pajamas not enough? Cotton is a durable, easy to clean fabric that can be used all over your home; from hand towels to pillow cases, there are few linens that cannot be replaced by cotton. If you do not trust the practices of people who have loved cotton for thousands of years, just try it for yourself and watch the benefits spring up all around you.

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