Everyone Should Be Feeling The Holiday Cheer The Benefits Of Donating Unwanted Clothes To Charity

Winter is a happy time for many. Holidays, time off, sledding with the kids…it’s the season for fond memories.

For others it’s little more than a constant pattern of stress, attempting to make ends meet while still achieving the basics. Spreading the holiday cheer to the rest of your community is as easy as offering up your unwanted clothes to charitable organizations. Donating clothes is an eco-friendly and thoughtful gesture, providing everyday people with the means of buying affordable clothing while cleaning up the environment. You can even save some money on your taxes when spring comes around next year. Organizations that accept clothing donations are ever in need of people’s compassion…

…and yours could mean the difference between yet another winter and something a little more special. Here’s how it works.

The Environment Benefits From Clothing Donations

If you’ve been wondering what eco-friendly habits you could be building before the year comes to a close, look no further than organizations that accept clothing donations. The recovery rate for used clothing and textiles back in 2011 was around 15% in the United States. It’s been discovered that nearly 100% of household textiles can be easily recycled without a drop in quality, which includes nylon, spandex, and cotton. Landfills remain one of today’s most hazardous locations, contributing to outdoor air pollution and taking up unnecessary space. Go green and look into donations for non profit organizations.

Reduce Clutter In Your Home By Removing Unwanted Clothes

A more personal benefit you can enjoy is removing clutter from your home. A disorganized, messy house has been closely linked to increased rates of anxiety, right alongside erratic sleep habits and poor moods. Likewise, a home that’s clean and neat will go a long way in making you feel better in the day-to-day. The average person generates nearly five pounds of trash every single day. Donating unwanted clothes is a good way of turning that trash into reusable material and giving your home some breathing room.

Several Demographics Enjoy Access To Affordable Clothes

Have you visited a thrift shop recently? You’re already familiar with the delight that comes with finding a stylish jacket or comfortable sweater at a low price. The average American today purchases 10 pounds of previously used clothing, which is perfect news for anyone who wants to help out their neighborhood and beyond. Dig around in your closet and look for any clothes you haven’t worn in six months or longer. Make sure they don’t have any major stains, burns, or holes so they can be put on the rack once they’re donated.

Save Money On Your Taxes

Organizations that accept clothing donations can offer you even more benefits in the form of tax deductions. A recent study found 95% of Americans today participate in some level of charitable giving, with clothing donations high on the list for both their convenience and ability to affect multiple areas of society. Donating clothes, particularly in-demand items such as suits, can give you some numbers to slash off on your tax return. Make sure to keep your receipt once you’re finished.

Call A Pick Up Clothing Donations Service

You might be excited to learn about all the benefits that come with a single bag of unwanted clothes…that is, if your schedule has room for it. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to worry about a busy week getting in the way of charitable giving. Most organizations that accept clothing donations offer pick up services. It’s as simple as giving them a call with easy-to-follow instructions to your home and they’ll take care of the rest. Make sure you use a sturdy bag or box to hold your unwanted items in, alongside a note so volunteers know what to pick up.

Winter should be a happy time for everyone. Put a smile on someone’s face and donate to charity this holiday season.

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