Cowboys and Modern Fashion

The Wild West has long since been romanticized in American thought and pop culture, and although the age of expansion is over, men and women today can enjoy the rustic, classic Western style of dress any time of the year, from Western rodeo shirts to rodeo girl jeans, Western pattern boxers, and of course, mens rodeo shirts. Mens rodeo shirts come in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, and more, and some may range from everyday clothes to more expensive, designer clothes for higher-end customers across the country. Although such attire like mens rodeo shirts or cowgirl boots are most at home in states like Colorado and Texas, a rodeo store may be found in other parts of the country such as the Midwest, where some aspects of Western American life can be found. Any customer looking to invest in the classic rodeo or Wild West look can find great clothes catalogues online or in person, and especially in Western states, a customer is bound to find online and physical stores who will at least have a department for this style of clothes, if not the entire store’s inventory. What are some traditional aspects of mens rodeo shirts and other Western clothes? And how does Wild West style clothing fit into larger, more general trends of clothing consumption in the United States today?

Western Clothes and the Market

Textiles have always stood as a huge industry around the world; after all, everyone needs clothes to wear, whether for work, being presentable, or everyday wear, and there is a dazzling variety of shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, and much more. Where does Western fit in? For one thing, Statistica has found that in the United States, footwear revenue will hit $83.782 million in the year 2018, and in that market, the single biggest segment is leather footwear, and that includes cowboy boots, a classic staple of the Western look, known for durability, quality, and an attractive aesthetic. Some cowboy or cowgirl boots may have engraving or studs on them for extra dazzle.

Also, denim is a major aspect of Western attire, and denim has found its way into mainstream clothing markets, meaning that there is plenty of overlap. Nearly any major retailer of clothes will have denim for sale, whether blue or black, skinny fit, boot cut, or more, and this gives Western enthusiasts no end of options for completing their rodeo look. Mens rodeo shirts, women’s cowgirl shirts, boots, and more pair seamlessly with denim, making for a comfortable, practical, and authentic outfit. In the United States, denim is huge. First invented in France in the 1800s, this fabric now stands as a staple in American attire, rodeo or not. The United States, in fact, is the world’s single biggest denim market, with a worth of $13.7 billion, and globally, ThredUp estimates that 1,240,000,000 pairs of denim jeans are sold.

The West

Mens rodeo shirts, denim jeans, cowboy hats, and more can act either as a costume for a party (instantly recognizable), everyday clothes for Americans in states such as Texas or Colorado, and in fact, as actual work clothes. After all, the Western United States is still a wild and expansive place, and cattle ranchers, horse breeders, and more are working well into the 21st century, ensuring that there will always be a market for cowboy style clothes, as well as a public consciousness (and often love) of the lifestyle. Often, in these rural areas, Americans continue similar lifestyles of the 19th century cowboys and settlers, though with the benefit of modern trucks and jeeps, Internet access, and other modern amenities. For these people, such clothes are simply a part of the job, and given how these clothes are both well-established for this sort of work and practical, it is easy to default to this style of clothes for when a working American is tending to cattle drives or working with horses, or more. Here, boot cut denim jeans, cowboy boots or other modern boots, cowboy hats, and sturdy mens rodeo shirts are the rule, and can be found either at local retailers (which are bound to be easy to find in such regions) or even online. Someone could easily browse an online catalogue for this apparel and find what they want.

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