Your Quick and Easy Luxury Loafer Shopping Guide

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Are you shopping for luxury Italian loafers for men? Maybe your quest for the best luxury Italian loafers for men is inspired by the pursuit of the perfect gift for that special someone who has everything (except the best luxury Italian loafers for men, that is). Maybe your desire for luxury Italian loafers for men is out of a need for your feet to be graced with its own luxury Italian shoes. Whatever the reason, it might feel a bit like putting your face to a fire hydrant to get a sip of water.

Those simple, lace-free shoes that slip-on and go with any ensemble, whether dressy or casual, or business casual, somehow give you a great deal of hassle while choosing the right pair. Do you choose the a pair that has a low heel, or the ones that are completely flat? Do you go with the classic penny loafers, or another breed of the go-to business shoe? What loafer material is classiest while also being versatile enough to wear in any occasion? There are so many options, how does one choose the right one?

We’ve decided to give you a little Italian loafer education that will arm you with the knowledge you need to choose the best loafers for yourself or that special person who has the gift of the century in the pipeline for them:

Your Quick and Easy Luxury Loafer Shopping Guide

  1. Penny Loafers
    We started with the loafer model that everyone knows about. The good ol’ penny loafer. These bad boys are made for both casual or business attire, but they are especially intended for dress clothes. The profile of a penny loafer is a bit more narrow than that of other shoes, which spells out “Classy and Sharp” when worn with dress slacks.

    Appropriate for: Penny loafers are best for people who are primarily going to wear them for business settings, and dress up more often than not. If the wearer of your loafer purchase is like a mullet (half-business, half-party), you might want to keep reading.

  2. Mocassin Loafers

    Mocassins are a classic shoe type that is often attributed to Native American culture, but has become increasingly popular for everyday wear amongst the masses. Mocassin loafers are distinct for their weave that goes around the “vamp” of the shoe (in layman’s terms, the “vamp” is the of the ankle and toe).

    Appropriate for: Mocassin loafers tend to wear best with casual clothing. If you are looking for loafers for a person who doesn’t need to be in business attire on the regular, or just wants some nice kicks for wearing around the house, then mocassins might be your best choice.

  3. Italian Loafers

    Ah, yes. The classic Italian loafer. You knew this one was coming. The Italian loafer has a distinctive metal strap across the top of the shoe. Unlike their stuffier cousin, the penny loafer, Italian loafers transition easily between business and casual. Italian loafers look great with a pair of slacks, but match them with some jeans, and it also makes sense.

    Appropriate for: We believe every complete wardrobe owns a pair of Italian loafers.

  4. Plain Loafers
    Maybe you aren’t ready to commit to one of these specialty loafers. Maybe you just want a nice, simple pair of duds that are nondescript. In this case, you should shop for plain loafers, made of good-quality leather. Plain loafers might be nothing that will put you on People Magazine’s list of Best Dressed, but if they’re good quality, they’ll go with anything, protect your feet, and they’ll hold up for years.

    Appropriate for: Answering this question is like telling you who vanilla yogurt is appropriate. All humans.

  5. Suede Loafers

    As the name suggests, suede loafers are loafers that are made of suede. These duds are generally more casual looking and are worn with jeans. If you have a nice pair suede loafers, you look timeless and classy. We assume that James Dean wore suede loafers.

    Appropriate for: Suede is the most temperamental of leather options, and should be owned by a person who is prepared for the maintenance, such as conditioning them and ensuring they don’t get wet. If you’re up for the challenge, your style is definitely elevated with these shoes.

Do you have any loafer opinions? Share with us in the comments!

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