How A Nice Pair Of Shoes Can Help You Form A More Solid First Impression

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A first impression is a powerful thing. In a modern and busy world where it can mean the difference between a secured job and a failed opportunity? It’s everything. People of all ages go to great lengths to encourage a solid first impression, even if it’s something as simple as taking an extra minute to brush their teeth or pat their hair into place. When it’s time to go beyond that extra minute and into the extra mile? Exotic mens shoes are, possibly, the best way to match low effort with a fantastic return on the investment. Designer lace up shoes or alligator skin shoes can add a dash of style to an otherwise simple visual set-up.

It’s commonly thought only women invest in a nice pair of shoes for work, school or play. The Western fashion industry, on the other hand, has revealed some interesting trends. Men’s dress shoes account for a rather impressive 6% of the shoe market share and the space between 2009 and 2014 has seen a current retail value sales growth of 39%. No matter your gender or personal style, a luxurious pair of shoes can add a lot of value to your social life.

Never let it be said that exotic mens shoes are an aged relic, either. An estimated 24% of the American population (that’s 75 million people) are classified as Millennials — people between the ages of 18 and 34. Millennials are one of the largest consumers of personal accessories, that of which include exotic mens shoes, exotic belts and exotic boots. Men’s luxury bags and small leather goods have grown by 24% and 40%, respectively, in a span of just five years.

The psychology that goes into a solid first impression has been studied intensively. It’s been revealed over the years that first impressions are formed within anywhere between seven and 17 seconds of meeting a person. Some studies have even suggested that visual cues can be five times more powerful than audio or sensory cues. While that doesn’t mean you should skip out on the deodorant, it does make a strong argument for putting a little extra effort into your wardrobe.

Leather is a material that has withstood the test of time…in every sense of the word. It’s highly durable, quite flexible and can last for years if you take good care of it. Leather dress shoes are able to accommodate tens of thousands of flexes. Additional materials like shoe trees and leather polish can also increase the lifespan of your shoes and make them an investment that never stops giving. Wooden shoe trees are a popular choice for healthy shoes because they help them retain their shape and style when not in use.

How do you know which shoes to buy? Let your taste guide you. Formal lace-up shoes are split into two different categories — Derbies and Oxfords — while exotic mens shoes generally fall into ‘other’. The latter can include crocodile, stingray and python patterns if you want a touch of zest in your closet. It’s highly recommended you rotate your shoes at least once every other day to avoid wearing them out too fast. Pairing a smart and snappy pair of shoes with a nice belt or matching wallet can do wonders for setting a strong first impression.

Men’s spending on luxury leather goods has seen staggering growth these past few years. In fact, they now account for 40% of global sales and are growing nearly twice as fast as women’s spending according to a 2011 study. The average consumer nowadays will have at least four leather items, if not more, to their name. Standing out amid the pack means being a little fashion-forward. When you invest in exotic mens shoes, you go for a classic model in a modern world that will benefit you in just about any social situation you can think of.

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