Month: November 2016

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Original wedding sparkler company

Need A Fun Addition For Your Wedding? Try Smokeless Sparklers

There’s nothing quite like throwing a wedding. The dresses, the food, the fun — it’s an event to remember! But what, exactly, makes it so memorable in the first place? It all has to do with how it’s put together. With so many family members, friends and acquaintances visiting, even a minor slip-up can feel […]

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Kids hiking boots
Waterproof hiking shoes for men
Welding boots

6 Tips for Beginners Hitting the Trails

Are you looking for the perfect trail walking shoes to get started on those beautiful mountain trails? Well, slow down there. Just because you have super comfortable walking boots and a fancy water bottle doesn’t mean that you are ready. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you don’t […]

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Best steel toe work boots
Composite toe boots
Protect your feet

Safety in the Workplace with Compression Resistance Footwear

The human body is an incredibly complex and resilient machine. Consisting of intricate systems that are both strong and fragile, we as a species have learned to push it to its limits, because the science and medicine now exist to combat most dangers and difficulties that we might encounter along the way of exploration and […]

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Best work boots
Combat boots
Hobnail boots

Six Things to Look for in the Best Steel Toe Boots

Are you shopping for the best steel toe work boots? If you work in a blue collar industry, you know how important it is to have boots that adequately protect your feet and help you get your job done. The best steel toe work boots not only shield your toes from anything heavy landing on […]

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Custom company shirts
Spirit wear shirts
T shirts for fundraising

7 Tips for Successful Fundraising by Selling T-Shirts

People across the planet love t-shirts. Every year, an estimated two billion t-shirts are sold around the world. In the United States at least 62% of all people have at least ten t-shirts or more in their wardrobes. That translates to nearly 1.5 billion t-shirts in the country. If you are looking to do a […]

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Feather ink pen
Feather quill pen
Writing quills

Grab Some Scroll Invitation Paper and Practice Your Cursive

In an increasingly connected world, with the world at our fingertips by way of screens and buttons, there is an art that is slowly fading into nonexistence. The world used to function and be run by the written word. Calligraphy and such arts are now only practiced by a few, and now schools are ceasing […]

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Cell phone radiation protection
Emf protection for electronics
How to shield microwave radiation

Protecting Yourself From Harmful EMF Rays

Cells phones and advanced technology may feel like it has been around for many years, but in reality, it is still somewhat of a newer thing. Technological advancements are still occurring every day, and every couple of months, new technology is released to make our lives easier. Considering that the evolution of cordless phones and […]

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