Safety in the Workplace with Compression Resistance Footwear

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The human body is an incredibly complex and resilient machine. Consisting of intricate systems that are both strong and fragile, we as a species have learned to push it to its limits, because the science and medicine now exist to combat most dangers and difficulties that we might encounter along the way of exploration and adventure. Along the same lines, we have advanced to be able to provide the protection that is recommended and often necessary for the lifestyles we choose, which sometimes include the types of jobs that we enter into. At this point there are plenty of jobs that require some sort of protection or safety in order to operate certain machinery, in certain environments, or with certain animals.

Why you might need to invest in compression resistance footwear

If you happen to find yourself in the type of line of work that puts you in the vicinity of or into contact with heavy machinery or animals, chances are you will need to be in compliance with specific safety and operation regulations. When the idea of safety gear is discussed, there are obvious items that are immediately thought of, such as hard hats, face or eye shields, or safety harnesses. But one basic element that is sometimes overlooked is proper protective footwear. Heavy duty work boots are a necessity not only for their strength and durability in getting around in less than smooth or ideal work environments, but they are also important if you want to protect your feet. Comfortable boots are important, but protective footwear with compression resistance or steel toes will be much appreciated when a heavy wheel rolls over your toes.

The importance of following regulations

It is always good to have employees who are self starters and ambitious. But believing that you are able to jump into an operation without having gone through the proper safety training or donning the appropriate safety apparel could prove to be quite dangerous. There are thousands of injuries that occur in the work place annually that could have easily been avoided had the individuals involved been wearing the right protective gear. The American Society for Testing and Materials, or the ASTM, created standards for safety, and there is even a specific section detailing how the safety and performance of work boots can be measured and followed. As there are 26 bones, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles, and 33 joints in the human foot, it is important that there are regulations regarding protective footwear. Compression resistance, steel toed boots, and high traction footwear are all good ways to set yourself up for success in a dangerous work environment.

The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers who experience some sort of toe or foot injury will end up missing an average seven days of work. OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has regulations in place that require every business owner to conduct a hazard assessment to determine risks in the work environment, such as hazards that could lead to foot injuries. These foot injuries could easily be prevented with the use of footwear with compression resistance.

Safety in the workplace is extremely important, not only for the success of the business, as an absence of injuries or incidents means a lack of disruption in production, but also for the wellbeing of everyone employed there. Taking down the occurrence of accidents by 10% can lead to savings of almost $60,000 each year, as well as employee loyalty, as they feel more valued and appreciated when their safety is clearly a high concern. When we live in a world that has developed to the point that human beings are working with heavy machinery and animals, there needs to be a focus on keeping everyone safe.

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