7 Tips for Successful Fundraising by Selling T-Shirts

School spirit tshirts

People across the planet love t-shirts. Every year, an estimated two billion t-shirts are sold around the world. In the United States at least 62% of all people have at least ten t-shirts or more in their wardrobes. That translates to nearly 1.5 billion t-shirts in the country. If you are looking to do a school t shirt fundraiser, there are ways to make that effort more successful.

  1. Promote an event that appeals to as many students as possible. There are some events that will only appeal to some people in the student body and some that are meant for everyone. If you make up your school t shirt fundraiser design for an event like the prom, you may only attract the interest of the seniors at your school. If you make up custom high school t-shirts for homecoming, on the other hand, your appeal is broadened to the entire school. This makes your ability to sell more spirit wear shirts go up.
  2. Design your shirts to appeal to everyone. You should develop a design for your school t shirt fundraiser that both genders will want to wear. This means you should pick your fonts, colors and graphics carefully. If you make the items for your school apparel fundraiser too masculine or feminine, you may alienate at least part of the students at your school. You want to have the largest appeal that can you can get.
  3. Simplicity is your friend. When it comes to marketing, most experts recommend going with simple messages. This is true, too, when you are working on school t shirt fundraiser designs. The fewer colors you use on your shirt design will mean the price tag comes down. This also makes ordering a lot easier to deal with the ordering process. You want to get decent quality shirts but if you spend too much on each item, you will make a lot less for your project.
  4. Make your order forms simple and easy to fill out. You can do yourself a lot of favors by creating order forms that are simple and easy to complete. The information that you must include is: how much the shirts cost, who the payment should be made out to, the date the order form is due by, when the shirts are expected to arrive and the pertinent information about the shirt buyer. You should also put an image of the shirt on your forms so people know what they are getting and information about the different sizes of shirts that you are selling.
  5. Be diligent in your record keeping. As orders come in, it is helpful to enter the information about the shirts you have sold into a spreadsheet program such as Excel. This will help you keep track of the progress you are making with your school t shirt fundraiser. When the due date for all of your forms arrives, you will know where you stand and what you expect to order and bring in from the fundraiser. Doing this all you go will save you a lot of time at the end of your fundraising time frame. You will be thankful that you have all the data that is easy to search and sort.
  6. Keep copies of the order forms. This will help you a lot when the shirts arrive. You can pair up each order with an order form. This will help you know if there were problems with the shirts when they arrive. You should count the shirts by size so you know you have what people ordered. If you have a student who is unhappy with the shirt they received, you will be in a better spot if you have the order form. They may think they ordered a different size than what they actually ordered.
  7. Get help from other students. When your custom t-shirts arrive, you may need help distributing them. One of the keys to a successful t-shirt fundraiser is to get everyone excited about the product. Having help from other students will help the process of distributing them.

Creating custom t-shirts for school fundraisers can be a lot of fun and is a great way to raise money for your school club or project.

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