Protecting Yourself From Harmful EMF Rays

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Cells phones and advanced technology may feel like it has been around for many years, but in reality, it is still somewhat of a newer thing. Technological advancements are still occurring every day, and every couple of months, new technology is released to make our lives easier. Considering that the evolution of cordless phones and the internet at our fingertips is still somewhat newer, we do not yet fully understand the risks that are associated with increased technology usage. We will probably not fully understand these risks for many years. What are some steps that people can do to reduce the risks of dangerous radiation?

Limit cell phone and technology usage. This may seem impossible in today?s world, but it is possible. Reducing the amount of technology that you use on a daily basis also reduces the amount of EMF, or electromagnetic fields that you are exposed to. You are less likely to experience the negative symptoms of prolonger EMF exposure.

Even minor technological changes can help to reduce and limit the usage of technology that you are exposed to. When using your cell phone, for example, hold it away from your head. Try using earphones and setting your phone to speaker. Use a cord phone when at home. When using your laptop or electronic tablet, keep it on the table or desk, and off of your lap. These methods can all significantly reduce the amount of EMF that you are exposed to.

Limit children?s time with technology. Children did not grow up in a world without technology. In a way, this makes them even more reliant on it. They do not know what to do without their computers, cell phones, or tablets. However, children are more at risk of the dangerous consequences of EMF radiation. They are more empathetic to the effects of it. Limiting your child?s technology time can reduce the amount of EMF damage they receive.

Children may show symptoms of EMF exposure in a variety of ways. A 2010 study of children and adolescents ages 8 to 17 years showed short term EMF exposure caused headache, irritation, and concentration difficulties in school. These same symptoms have also shown to be present in the elderly populations. In a national study, adults ages 81 to 91 with short term exposure to GSM cell phone radiation reported headache, neurological problems, sleep, and concentration problems.

Become involved in EMF damage awareness groups. There is little indication that cell phone users (whose numbers have risen from roughly 2 billion in 2006 to 6 billion users globally in 2012) are aware of the risks of EMF. An important part in protecting people from the harmful effects of EMF radiation is awareness. The more people that become aware of the negative side effects of EMF radiation, the more that the government and cell companies will do to practice safer standards.

Safer steps include tighter regulations and further awareness of the dangers of EMF health effects. It also means moving cell towers further away from school yards and hospitals. Children who attend schools closer to these cell towers are being exposed to extremely high limits of EMF radiation, which can result in multiple negative side effects.

Wear EMF shielding jewelry. In some situations, little can be done to avoid the usage of technology. However, with EMF shielding jewelry, you can at least protect yourself from the negative EMF radiation. EMF shielding jewelry acts as a bioelectric shield, or an EMF blocker. The blocking EMF prevents the harmful parts of the EMF rays from hitting you. The EMF shielding jewelry comes in a variety of pieces. You can even outfit your younger children and elderly parents with these items, also protecting them from the negative effects.

Technology seems like it has been around forever. However, it is still a newer concept. It is still too new to fully understand the health risks that are involved with such high usages of technology. Until we can fully understand the extent of the risks, the appropriate steps should be taken to prevent any damages. When technology usage cannot be limited, EMF blocking jewelry can be worn to limit the harmful rays.

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